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Dog Fearlessly Jumps In Front Of TV Screen To Save Endangered Girls From A Popular Movie

Dog Fearlessly Jumps In Front Of TV Screen To Save Endangered Girls From A Popular Movie

Dogs are beings that can delight us in various ways. These are often odd situations that we find funny at first, but we can usually learn good lessons from them. 

This is exactly what happened to a family of dog lovers from Bend, Oregon, who recently adopted one special pup. They saw on Facebook that one of their neighbors was looking for a home for this dog, and they decided to adopt him, even though they already had one other canine.

It soon turned out that this was the best decision of their lives, and the biggest reason for that is the one that will, at the same time, make you laugh and inspire you.

Family’s Favorite

When a dog named Bosco came to their family, his new mom, Zoe Ansary, knew that he would be their biggest blessing. Her daughter, Izzy, immediately fell in love with him and she simply couldn’t get enough of this pup. 

Zoe’s fiancé, Kody Johns, was a bit skeptical at first, especially since his daughter, Zalie, was very afraid of dogs. However, this amazing dog made a miracle happen. Zalie no longer had a fear of dogs after meeting him, and the two bonded very quickly.

mother with little girl posing with dog
Source: @zo_an

“It just made me so happy that he connected with everybody,” Zoe told The Dodo

The further sequence of events was quite natural as Bosco charmed Kody himself and the two soon became best friends

Wherever Kody went, Bosco would follow him, and he loved swimming with him the most. Whenever he saw him in the water, he would start crying if he wasn’t there with him. 

There, Bosco was already showing his incredible level of emotionality, which was almost like that of an average human. This, in itself, was quite amazing, but what impressed them the most was his incredible protectiveness.

happy family with dog posing
Source: @zo_an

Although there were many situations in which he could show his bravery and big heart, Bosco demonstrated it in an unusual way. But, it was the one that won many hearts and even made him a TikTok star.

Hero Dog

At the very beginning of his stay in the new home in Bend, Oregon, Bosco’s family noticed that he particularly enjoyed watching TV with them. From romantic films to action thrillers, Bosco was not reluctant to sacrifice a few hours for any movie presentation. 

What was most fascinating of all was how much this dog would immerse himself in the plot – from crying at some sad scenes to barking at evil characters. This is exactly what he demonstrated one day while watching the popular movie, “Jurassic Park,” with his mother. 

In one movie scene, two frightened little girls were hiding from a scary dinosaur. Bosco could no longer sit still, and when these girls got in even greater danger, he hopped up and rushed toward the TV to “save” them

Emotions simply overwhelmed him, and his true protective instinct was activated, so much so that he literally wanted to jump into the TV screen to save them like a true hero dog.

His mom, Zoe, recorded these amazing moments and decided to post the video on TikTok.

People Were Delighted

In a very short time, this video attracted a lot of attention and won many hearts. The comments were mostly positive and people were delighted with the amount of love this dog had in his heart, even for the fictional characters from the movie.

However, since there were many questions about why she suddenly cut the video, after two days, Zoe decided to post the second part, and the caption read: “Here is part 2! For those asking why i cut it early- well he almost broke the tv 🤣 “


Here is part 2! For those asking why i cut it early- well he almost broke the tv 🤣 #fyp #foryoupage #tvdog #protectiondog #goodboy

♬ original sound – Zoe Ansary

Luckily for Bosco, everything ended well as the girls managed to escape from the terrible dinosaur into the arms of their saviors and the TV screen remained in its place. 

Nevertheless, in our eyes, it was Bosco who became a real hero, not only because he tried to save two human beings, but even more because he once again showed that dogs are creatures that feel deeply and are sometimes ready to endanger their own lives to save another. 

This hero dog played his short film role perfectly.