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25 Funny Dog Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Heartily

25 Funny Dog Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Heartily

Doggos are fun, but dog jokes can be even funnier, especially if they’re based on real experiences.

Our four-legged buddies can be courageous and hard-working, but we can all agree they can make us laugh as well.

Therefore, if you had a ruff day at work or just want to have a good laugh, keep scrollin’ and enjoy!

#1 Why Do Doggos Bury Bones In The Ground?

dog joke about bones

Because bones can’t be buried in trees!

#2 Why Aren’t Dogs Good At Dancing?

dog dancer joke
Photo credit: TikTok

Because they have two left feet.

#3 What Do You Call A Dogician?

dog magician joke
Photo credit: Pinterest

A Labracadabrador.

#4 What Happens When A Dog Loses Its Tail?

dog joke about tail
Photo credit: Pinterest

It goes to a retail store to buy a new one!

5 What Is A Dog’s Favorite Food At The Movie Theater?

dog’s favorite food joke


#6 What Does A Dog Say Before A Meal?

dog joke about meal
Photo credit: Pinterest

Bone Appetite.

#7 What Do You Call A Senior Pooch?

senior pooch joke
Photo credit: Reddit


#8 Why Do Dalmatian Owners Go To The Ophthalmologist?

dalmatian owners joke
Photo credit: Pinterest

Because they keep seeing spots.

#9 What Do Pooches Receive After Training?

pet-degree joke
Photo credit: Pinterest

A Pet-Degree.

#10 Why Does A Dog Never Throw Anything Away?

dog hoarder terrier joke
Photo credit: BarkPost

Because he’s a Hoarder Terrier.

#11 Why Do Puppies Leave Trash Everywhere?

dog joke about trash
Photo credit: Pinterest

Because they’re a part of a litter.

#12 Why Did The Doggo Resign From His Job?

dog joke about job
Photo credit: Pinterest

The work was too ruff.

#13 Why Does The Doggo Need To Visit The Dentist?

dog joke about dentist
Photo credit: Pinterest

Because one of his canines is loose.

#14 Where Does A Puppy Sleep During A Camping Trip?

dog camping joke
Photo credit: Pinterest

In a pup-tent.

#15 Where Does The Food Go For Testing?

dog joke about food testing
Source: Facebook

To the lab.

#16 What Is Dachshund’s Favorite Quote?

dachshund’s favorite quote joke
Photo credit: Pinterest

A quitter never wins and a wiener never quits.

#17 What Does A Dalmatian Say After A Delicious Meal?

dalmatian dog joke
Photo credit: Pinterest

That hit the spots!

#18 Why Did The Doggo Stay Out Of The Sun?

dog hiding from sun joke
Photo credit: Pinterest

So it wouldn’t turn into a hot dog.

#19 What Do You Get When You Cross A Pooch With A Phone?

pooch with a phone joke
Photo credit: Pinterest

A Golden Receiver.

#20 What Dog Can Jump Higher Than A Building?

dog and buildings joke
Photo credit: Pinterest

Any, because buildings can’t jump.

#21 Which Dog Breed Can Eat With Its Ears?

dog joke about ears
Photo credit: Pinterest

Every, because they can’t remove them before a meal.

#22 Why Does A Dog Run In Circles?

dog run in circles joke
Photo credit: Pinterest

Because it’s difficult to run in squares.

#23 What Do Book Pages And Pups Have In Common?

dog joke about book pages
Photo credit: Pinterest

They’re both dog-eared.

#24 Knock Knock!

knock knock dog joke

Who’s there?


Ooze who?

Ooze a good boy?

#25 What Did The Pooch Say After Losing A Race?

dog losing a race joke
Photo credit: Pinterest

I am last but not leashed.

Grand Finale

These dog jokes might not make you cry from laughter, but I’m sure that at least a few put a big smile on your face.

If you’d like to hear one more, check out this hilarious video below:


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