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Adorable Dog Is Struggling To Find A Home For over 200 Days

Adorable Dog Is Struggling To Find A Home For over 200 Days

Saving a dog from the streets is a very noble thing to do. However, even though they are probably doing better in the shelter, it’s not the end of the road for them.

A lot of them still need to find a more permanent home, and it isn’t always so easy for the shelter staff to find a family for all of them.

Sometimes, some would get neglected for over half a year or even more due to their age or breed. Any one reason is possible.

In this story, we will talk about the sweetest dog who just couldn’t find a forever home, and spent a long time in the shelter.

A Smiling Dog

One thing that is often overlooked by many people when thinking about shelters is just how much effort is put in by the people who work there.

They try to feed and take care of every dog in there. Another thing is finding a permanent home for them.

While it may seem like an easy task, it really varies depending on the dog. For the dog known as ‘Yas Queen,’ it was a really difficult time.

She spent time in the shelter for weeks, then months, and the shelter staff were not sure if she would find a home.

They were getting a bit discouraged, but they kept trying nevertheless. As of today, she has been in the shelter for over 200 days.

But, what is causing this? Is she aggressive or moody? Does she not like humans? The answer to all three of those is that she is the most well-behaved dog who likes being around people.

A Sad Backstory

Regardless, she is still struggling. But, how did she get in this situation? Well, the story is a bit depressing.

When her previous owner was evicted from his apartment in New York, he simply decided to leave her behind.

The person did not even think of surrendering her to a shelter or maybe finding a new home for her. He chose the cruelest option.

Luckily for her, she was saved by Animal Care Shelters of NYC and given a new opportunity to love again.

However, what happens next is up to the people. She is still currently in the New York shelter and is waiting for someone special to come through the door.

On her adoption page, they wrote: “Yas Queen isn’t just a beauty; she’s also well-mannered. 

She promptly relieves herself  during walks and takes treats from her handler with impeccable manners. Gentle petting is met with joy, creating a delightful bonding experience.”

While the staff will always love having her positive spirit around, they want her to find a forever home and be with a parent who will cherish every moment with her.