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Dog Was In Agony After His Home Disappeared In Fire, But Good Souls Noticed His Suffering

Dog Was In Agony After His Home Disappeared In Fire, But Good Souls Noticed His Suffering

Suzette Hall has always been a huge dog lover, but after her son, Logan, passed away, rescuing these furry beings became her life mission. Because of that, she decided to found a non-rescue organization, Logan’s Legacy 29, in the name of which she has already saved numerous lives.

So, she didn’t hesitate to go on a rescue mission one day when her good friend, Nanette, informed her that a homeless dog was wandering near her workplace. This poor Shepherd mix, later named Loy, used to live in the nearby apartment building with his owner. 

Unfortunately, the building burned down and his owner was nowhere to be seen, leaving the poor dog wandering around in search of a happy place. 

The difficult fate that befell the dog, as well as the fact that it was a Shepherd mix, which had a deeper meaning for this woman, prompted her to immediately rush to that place. 

A Vicious Circle Of Despair

dog standing on the street
Source: Suzette Hall

When Hall came to the place, she immediately knew that it wouldn’t be an easy mission. Because his home was gone and his owner was nowhere in sight, the poor dog was terrified and in a very bad state of mind. 

“We don’t know what happened to his owner,” Hall wrote in a Facebook post. “[The] poor baby was so sad and lonely … completely petrified.”

Nevertheless, these good souls were determined to save him, so they followed him for a long time in the hope that an opportunity would soon come. 

During that period, Loy hid skillfully. Only a few times, Hall and Nanette could see him carelessly running out onto the road and almost being hit by a car. However, they soon discovered his main route of movement when the camera captured him in the cat feeding station.

dog under the bed with food bowls
Source: Suzette Hall

“[The] poor baby was so hungry, he would go [to] the cat feeding station for food …” Hall wrote. “The cats scared him.” 

After a failed attempt, Loy returned to the burned building – a place that used to be his home. Hall and her friend soon realized it was his vicious circle of despair from which he did not know how to escape. 

“[T]his sweet boy kept going back to the only home he ever knew, back to the fire,” Hall wrote. “He wanted so [badly] to go back and find his home the way it used to be.”

This heartbreaking fact motivated them even more to save Loy, so they decided to stay there for as long as needed and wait for the perfect moment.

A Meaningful Rescue

It was not easy to wait so many days in that awful place to catch Loy, but their patience eventually paid off. 

“This morning, I got there early … I saw him going in and out of his old home frantically,” Hall wrote. “There was nothing but soot and ashes. I set my trap and prayed.”

After setting the trap, Hall slipped away so Loy wouldn’t see her. When she heard a loud bark, she knew they had finally succeeded.

poor dog in cage closed
Source: Suzette Hall 

It took Loy a long time to calm down because all this was very traumatic for him. However, Hall and Nanette did everything to show him that he was safe, and eventually, they were successful. 

Soon after, Loy and Hall were on their way to the veterinary clinic. Luckily, after a detailed examination, the vet confirmed that Loy’s health was perfect.  

As Hall was very motivated to ensure a brighter future for this Shepherd mix, she quickly managed to find him a foster home

Although his deep wounds caused by the loss of his home have not completely healed, Loy is well on his way to recovery due to the immense love of his foster family. Yet, Hall was particularly happy for him because she was motivated by a deeper reason to help this dog. 

Her late son, a big dog lover who was the main reason behind founding the rescue organization, loved Shepherds the most. That’s exactly why she considered this to be much more than just another rescue mission, and she dedicated its success to him.

“Rescued in loving memory of my angel 😇,” Hall wrote at the end.