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Hit By A Car, This Sweet Dog Was Found Lying On The Side Of The Road For Two Days

Hit By A Car, This Sweet Dog Was Found Lying On The Side Of The Road For Two Days

Life hasn’t been easy on Sunshine. 

For the most part of her past, this gorgeous girl struggled, waiting for the chance to have a decent life. Yet, all that she got instead was pain. 

When the kind rescuers of Stray Rescue of St. Louis, Missouri, were told about her condition, they were left shocked – Sunshine suffered a severe injury from being hit by a car.

She had absolutely no one to pick her up from the side of that road she had been on, so the team immediately rushed into action!

“She Must’ve Been So Scared”

It was hard to believe that no one saw Sunshine lying motionless by the road for two days. Yet no one was compassionate enough to help this poor girl… until, finally, the good people saw her and contacted the SRSL team.

Upon her first vet exam, her new caregivers received the bad news –  Sunshine was diagnosed with a broken pelvis

“We’re told she was hit by a car and laid on the side of the road for two days. She has a broken pelvis and is very painful. She must have been so scared! But she’s here now and she’s so sweet,” the Missouri rescue wrote on their Facebook.

Just imagine the amount of pain this doggo girl had to endure! On top of her trauma, her days were filled with physical agony, and she was absolutely helpless to do anything. But, on the other hand, her resilient spirit was not broken at all!

Even though it was expected of her to be sensitive and shut down for any sort of interaction, Sunshine proved everyone wrong.

Sunshine Is The Most Pawsitive Princess

The SRSL team of caregivers couldn’t be more grateful for saving Sunshine on time. They were extremely happy to see this girl’s life being saved, but what really struck them was how kind and loving she was.

“This girl radiates light. She has the most positive attitude, we know she’ll heal in no time,” the rescue wrote. 

She had love in her heart for absolutely everything and everyone! Underneath those scars and wounds was a lovebug, ready to give the sweetest cuddles and kisses, and she spared no time to shower everyone with them.

She’s already head over heels with her medical team, with whom she spends most of the time. Her absolute favorite part of the day is sharing love with them, as that’s just the way she rolls! 

Sunshine is still unable to walk and is mostly on strict crate rest, but she found the pawfect way to soak up all the beauty from the outside! 

Thanks to her giant-hearted caregivers, she gets the most exciting stroller rides instead of daily walks, and she loves them!

“She will be able to walk when she heals, but for now she gets stroller rides so she can get fresh air,” they added.

Sunshine still has a long way to go until she’s fully recovered. She needs regular care and treatment, which is why the best option for her would be a medical foster

She’s definitely ready to have a home and a family just for herself… it is now only a matter of time before she finds one. 

Good luck, Sunshine! We wish you nothing but the best!