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Dog Head Stuck In Dryer Vent In His Home Leaves Police And Firefighters Stunned

Dog Head Stuck In Dryer Vent In His Home Leaves Police And Firefighters Stunned

There is a thin line between playfulness and mischievousness, and Hounds just know when to casually cross it.

Usually, that sort of minor misbehavior goes under the radar and instead of a headache, it turns into big entertainment for everyone in the family. Sometimes, however, situations escalate, and the question becomes: “How did they even end up in this predicament?”

One such story comes from South Carolina, where a Hound named Spike decided to spice things up! Instead of playing with his regular toys or doing his regular activities, this adventurous pup left his owners stunned with an unusual venture.

An Unusual Rescue

Spike got himself in a bit of a pickle at the end of November 2023, when he decided to do a little sniff-inspecting around the house. His head ended up stuck in a house dryer vent!

This floppy-eared boi shocked everyone with his head protruding from a wall, and the family immediately called for assistance!

Teams of Sumter Police Department and Sumter Fire Department were immediately sent to the location to help the dog in need, but the rescue was not a walk in the park.

As it turned out, the two departments needed to break apart a piece of the exterior wall in order to secure Spike and get him out of the vent. The good news was – Spike cooperated like a pro!

He kept his head out, while the rest of his body remained in the vent. After widening the vent, the rescuers were able to pull Spike back into the house.

During the entire rescue mission, Spike was extremely calm, as he definitely knew that the teams were there to help him. 

Positive Outcome

Spike’s family was extremely grateful that their dog was successfully saved from a difficult situation. According to Drusilla Harvin, the grandmother of Spike’s owner, Kam, the whole rescue took a little over an hour.

The whole situation ended up bringing lots of laughs, and Drusilla was just happy that her grandson was in school while this was happening.

“Thank you all for the wonderful comments, he brought on a lot of laughs and positive comments,” Drusilla commented under the Facebook post.

As it turned out, this is not Spike’s first nor his last predicament! This sassy Hound just loves exploring and sniffing around, and his adventurous nose always takes him somewhere behind the borders of his yard.

“Well, today he dug a hole under the gate and toured the neighbor,” Drusilla wrote in the Facebook comment.

He’s naturally a spunky dog and always finds a way to get around the fence and do a little bit of searching himself. But, at the end of the day, he’s just the happiest around his family, and Spike just knows that they love him so much for who he is!