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This Sweet Dog Has A Funny Picture Of Herself On Her Left Ear

This Sweet Dog Has A Funny Picture Of Herself On Her Left Ear

Every dog is special. All of them have some unique characteristics and personality traits that separate them from the others.

They mean so much to us and they can show it when we let them. However, even though what I said is true, sometimes some dogs are born with certain physical characteristics that stand out.

And, when that happens, it’s usually something very fascinating. In the case of the dog we will be talking about today, it’s something truly amazing.

Lucy’s Amazing Selfie

When the workers at Lollypop Farm, from New York, were notified that one of the dogs that was born there had very unique physical characteristics, they were surprised to learn about it.

They were then informed that Lucy’s left ear looks basically like a portrait or a selfie of herself. Upon closer inspection, they were shocked when they also noticed it.

One of the workers, Paige Doerner, told The Dodo: “Looking at her every day, no one here even noticed Lucy’s special ear until it was pointed out to us by a very observant visitor to our website! We couldn’t believe it when we looked closer at the picture.

After that event, a lot of people came to know about this amazing detail about Lucy and she became quite the celebrity.

Only a few hours after it was posted online, a person came to the shelter in New York and asked if they could adopt Lucy.

Doerner continued by saying: “The attention that was brought in by her special ear over social media is wonderful, both for Lucy, and for the other rescued pets here at Lollypop Farm who are looking for new homes.

Lucy Is Really Famous Now

Because they gained so much attention, thanks to Lucy, it also helped the organization search for homes for many other rescued pets.

Not long went by and the adoption papers were finalized. Lucy was now going into her forever home.

Luckily, for her, she found the most amazing family ever who will love and cherish every moment they spend with her.

In the end, Lucy’s story gave us something to think about. It’s really interesting to think how one small physical characteristic gained so much attention online.

Not only that, but it also helped the shelter by giving them a lot of exposure, and subsequently helping them rescue more animals and find homes for them.

It’s really heartwarming to see how Lucy unknowingly helped make the world a better place for many animals with her viral photo.