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Senior Dog From Illinois Would Not Abandon His Owner Even After He Passed Aaway

Senior Dog From Illinois Would Not Abandon His Owner Even After He Passed Aaway

In the vast sea of heartbreaking dog stories, Ajax’s is definitely on the very top. 

This poor boi spent the last 10 years as the happiest canine in the world until, in November 2023, the inevitable happened. He became all alone in this world, breaking the hearts of thousands of people who came across his tragic tale.

Just like millions of other dogs who enter U.S. animal shelters every year, Ajax, too, shares the same destiny.

Ajax’s Story

On December 7th, 2023, The Anti-Cruelty Society from Chicago, Illinois, posted about Ajax, the Plott Hound mix who broke the hearts of many with his tragic tale. 

This senior pup has been nothing but a major lovebug his entire life until he was recently found guarding the body of his deceased owner who tragically passed away.

Confused and traumatized by this heartbreaking experience, Ajax ended up in the ACS. According to the team, he still didn’t completely accept the fact that his loving hooman was gone, and he stands by the kennel door every day in hope that he will come back for him.

After the team scanned his microchip, they realized that almost ten years ago, Ajax was adopted from this exact Illinois dog facility, and now he’s back again.

Lydia Krupinski, the member of ACS management, told Newsweek that since this devastated pup was brought back, he barely interacts with other dogs

He doesn’t eat as much as he should, and there’s pretty much only one thing that’s on his mind – his owner.

The caregivers did everything they could to help Ajax recover from his tragic loss. Even though he showed little interest in playing with his current shelter buddies, the team found out that he’s the sweetest boi, and he definitely enjoys long cuddle sessions and cozy naps.

Hoping For A New Home

The shelter hasn’t received any applications for Ajax so far. He’s truly in need of a home that he could call his own in his golden years and someone who will help him move on.

“Ajax has had his life completely turned around. He is now looking for a loving place to call home during his golden years,” the ACS team wrote on their social media.

However, with his story now going viral, the staff really hopes that their Plott Hound boi will find his forever home by Christmas. 

The shelter’s Facebook post received hundreds of encouraging comments from people all around the country. 

One person wrote: “Sharing and praying also for this precious senior, he deserves to still get love and hugs.” Another one added: “Hope you find someone to love and care for you in your golden years.”

According to Ajax’s caregivers, the best option for him would be a quiet home of adults. He needs people who will take things slow and have patience with his situation, but as soon as he adapts to a new environment, he’s ready to go!

Ajax is a fan of nice, daily walks, and he will definitely accompany you with a big smile on his face. Even though he has put on some extra weight during the past years, he absolutely has no difficulties moving.

Still, those comfy snoozes are probably his favorite thing in the world. And, considering his age, this is not a surprise at all.

We really hope Ajax finds his special someone as soon as possible. After everything he has been through, spending his autumn years in a loving home is all he could ask for.