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Shelter Dog Who Lived In A Tiny Crate For 6 Years Freaks Out Over Cheeseburger

Shelter Dog Who Lived In A Tiny Crate For 6 Years Freaks Out Over Cheeseburger

There are people out there who are extremely neglectful and cruel to dogs, leaving them locked up for days on end with very little food or treatment.

Angelica and her friend, Spud, were a pair of such dogs who thankfully had a lucky break and got rescued.

Rescued From A Horrid Place

big dog in small crate looking sad
Angelica was found kept in abysmal conditions. Credit: Youtube

When Amy and Stacy from Knine Rescue Inc came upon Angelica and Spud, they were kept in small, cooped up crates which appeared to have never been cleaned out.

At least that’s what they could gather from the horrid smell that filled the air and the mess in both their respective crates.

When letting them go, the rescuers were careful just in case there was a level of fear aggression built up in these dogs from neglect, but it turned out to be quite the opposite.

The two were instantly grateful to the pair who freed them and eagerly went in for hugs and kisses.

two women hugging and kissing dog they rescued
Spud getting real kissy with his rescuers. Credit: Youtube

They were cleaned up and taken to foster care.

Angelica’s friend Spud got adopted in a few weeks since he was smaller so he didn’t suffer from the crate’s small space as much.

Angelica, on the other hand, was cooped up in that crate for about 6 years which meant she had to stay back a bit.

It got to the point that the muscles in her back legs had atrophied so the rescuers had to help her get back up on her feet, literally.

Thankfully, she was quite trusting of her rescuers so the process started off smooth.

The Taste Of Freedom (And Food)

dog eating cheeseburger from owner's hand
Angelica’s first taste of cheeseburger. Credit: Youtube

When she got a little bit better, she was taken out for a nice and juicy burger, to get her first taste of actual food.

The moment she bit into it, she was infatuated with the taste and couldn’t help but almost swallow the burger whole without chewing.

It’s quite a silly, but endearing scene to watch.

The rest of her rehabilitation went smoothly. Angelica was beside herself to finally be free and able to roam around.

rescued dog angelica in the park
Angelica, out and about in a dog park. Credit: Youtube

Everything excited her, from being able to play with her new friends, both dog and human alike, to new toys that she’d receive.

Anything positive she encountered made her jump for joy, even something as simple as a rope toy because that was hers now and she could share it with her new friends.

A Loving Personality

man cuddling dog in the park
Not even a minute at the dog park and Angelica’s already making friends. Credit: Youtube

She was such a darling that strangers would approach her unprompted just to pet her or play with her.

Once she had fully recovered, it wouldn’t take long for her to get adopted into a forever family as well.

She’d even get a furry friend alongside it too, a baby brother who she took an immediate liking to.

A Heartfelt Reunion

two dogs playing in the park
The playful reunion of Spud and Angelica. Credit: Youtube

Shortly after Angelica’s adoption, the rescue group organized a meetup between Angelica and Spud again, and that went as well as you can imagine.

The two recognized one another almost instantly, and, alongside Angelica’s new brother, immediately went to play together.

Living Their Lives To Their Fullest

happy dog in the park with his owner
Angelica’s transformation from neglected and smelly dog to a happy and healthy one is astonishing. Credit: Youtube

It’s such a heartwarming sight to see two dogs who were so mistreated in the past get a new chance at life and embrace it fully.

It just goes to show how much of a life changer a little bit of kindness can be for our canine companions.

While nobody expects those who don’t work in canine rescue to go out there and rehabilitate dogs who’ve been mistreated, considering adoption if you’re looking to get one is a good alternative.

Some of these shelter dogs would love a chance at a family, and it’ll be a fraction of the cost of getting one from a breeder. Just something to think about in case you’re considering a fluffy addition to your family.

Until next time, pet parents.