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Dog Who Was Shivering From Cold On A Dumpster Couch Gets Warmed Up By Sweet Pets From Rescuer

Dog Who Was Shivering From Cold On A Dumpster Couch Gets Warmed Up By Sweet Pets From Rescuer

Just as she was about to fall asleep, tucked in her warm bed on a cold winter night, Lisa Reams, from Mississippi, saw her phone light up. She wondered, “Who could it be?”

It was a message from a concerned citizen who spotted an abandoned dog at the infamous dumpster site. 

The poor dog was curled up in a ball on a filthy couch next to dumpsters, shivering not just from the cold, but most likely, from fear as well. 

Lisa’s heart absolutely broke after reading the message, as a wave of sadness washed over her. Sleep was out of the question until she knew this sweet girl was safe and sound. 

A Gentle Hand Of Comfort 

dog sitting in the dark
Source: @nycscr

After reading the message, Lisa jumped out of bed, still in her pajamas, and drove to the infamous dumping ground. 

“My heart broke because I knew how cold it was outside. I wasn’t going to rest until I had her safe and warm,” Lisa told The Dodo

When she pulled up, Lisa immediately spotted an innocent little girl who had been let down by humans in the most inhumane way possible. 

The dog – later named Cammi – was shivering as her sad eyes locked onto the person who had arrived. Seeing that someone was there to help her, Cammi anxiously started to wag her tail, asking for affection. 

“She was shaking and shivering so badly. She let me love on her and get a leash on. She walked to my truck and loaded up. Once in the truck, she nestled up in a big blanket I had on the back seat, and the seat warmers were on. She was so relaxed and slept all the way home,” Lisa said. 

Cammi knew she was safe now and finally could relax a bit, not having to worry about her future. 

Starting A New, Happier Journey 

Cammi, who is approximately a one-and-a-half-year-old mixed-breed pup, has been staying with her savior, Lisa, until they find her a forever home. 

“Lisa Reams, a rescuer in Missisippi who has been the saving grace for countless dogs just like Cammi, is taking care of our sweet girl,” NYC Second Chance Rescue wrote in their post

According to Lisa, Cammi is a lovely and docile pup who loves affection, sunbathing, and playing with her doggy friends. 

Thanks to Lisa, Cammi, like many other dogs she had rescued, gets to leave her past behind and start a new, much happier life. 

Cammi passed her dog test with flying colors and will make a great addition to the right family. Additionally, she was spayed, vetted, and has started her heartworm treatment. 

“Paws crossed, she’ll be adopted and land in her forever home. But if she hasn’t been adopted, she’ll head right to a foster home to continue her journey,” Lisa said. 

Cammi can be adopted through NYC Second Chance Rescue. If you live anywhere within six hours of NYC and feel she could be the right dog for you, consider this your cue to reach out.

“This is the sad reality of what is happening to dogs nationwide. They are being dumped, whether that be at a shelter or on the streets. The world is a cruel place, especially for the voiceless,” the NYC rescue wrote, urging their followers to help. 

To adopt Cammi, visit here, and to help the rescue’s efforts in saving more dogs like Cammi, please donate here. Your gift makes a difference!