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Dog Family Was Desperate For Home But Then Someone Amazing Decided To Foster Them

Dog Family Was Desperate For Home But Then Someone Amazing Decided To Foster Them

I have always held great admiration for people who are willing to take care of multiple pups at once. It’s really such a wonderful act of kindness.

Even though it will likely be very exhausting and expensive to take care of a small dog family, or just several different ones, it’s still amazing.

This couple had really shown how much they care when they adopted this frightened mama dog and her eight puppies. That’s certainly a lot.

A Call That Changed Thom’s Life

man kneeling in front of a dog
Source: @thomohawk

When Thom was called by a shelter worker in California and notified about a pregnant Pittie who needed help, he wanted to help.

The staff had already done a great job caring for her, and they noted that she was extremely friendly to everyone.

One night, out of the blue, the Pittie, named Cholula, gave birth to eight puppies. Her instincts immediately kicked in and she was focused on taking care of her babies.

black dog lying
Source: @thomohawk

When Thom came to the shelter and decided he would foster her, he noticed that she was a bit timid and didn’t know how to respond.

Despite this, she welcomed her new friends and they were already on their way to a new and amazing home in California.

Thom carefully took the puppies and brought them inside the house. Mama Cholula was there, observing every step to make sure nothing would happen to them.

A New Home For The Family

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Source: @thomohawk

In order to make space for them to live in, Thom had to make some changes. He told The Dodo: “I turned my office into a nursery and let her get settled in.

The couple took note of how amazing Cholula was. She was always super attentive to her puppies, and they would never leave her side.

Sometimes, they would wander around the room, but never too far. They would then just pass out and take a long nap. It was so adorable.

photo of two dogs
Source: @thomohawk

Later on, Thom thought it would be a good idea to introduce Cholula to their dog, Ruby. Even though they were not sure what would happen when they did, they were pleasantly surprised.

Cholula and Ruby got along very well immediately, and it was apparent that they were going to be very good friends. 

Thom said: “They were so drawn to each other right away. It was almost like she needed Ruby to feel safe. 

Saying Their Goodbyes

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Source: @thomohawk

After some more time had passed, the puppies had finally opened their eyes, and it was a whole new world for them.

They were so captivated by everything they saw and loved exploring around the house. A few weeks later, Cholula had grown very fond of her foster parents. 

Thom noticed that she would always get exhausted from caring for her babies during the day, and he would have to take her to bed sometimes.

Despite the fact that everyone in the house was exhausted, the couple worked hard to adjust and were actually doing a good job at it.

They had many different activities during the day. However, Thom’s favorite was something different. He said: “I loved spending our mornings with Cholula watching Disney movies.”

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Source: @thomohawk

Soon enough, they were all allowed outside so they could get accustomed to the real world. This meant that they would get filthy sometimes, and it was certainly not easy getting them to agree to a bath.

When the puppies were finally old enough, they and Cholula were finally ready to be adopted. This was hard for the couple as they loved the dog family so much.

However, they knew that it was ultimately for the best. Thom said in the end: “That’s the thing with fostering. Even though it never gets easier saying goodbye, I just can’t wait to do it all over again.