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Dog Family Abandoned Under A Bridge Were Struggling To Survive Until Rescuers Came To Help

Dog Family Abandoned Under A Bridge Were Struggling To Survive Until Rescuers Came To Help

Pups have the need to be adored and treasured by their humans. They should never be dumped on the streets and left wondering whether they are worthy of love.

A sweet mama dog and her four puppies who were dumped under a bridge needed love, too. 

Sadly, they were let down by their owners and left to fend for themselves when they most needed the warmth and comfort of a home.

The mother dog felt frightened and worried whether she would be able to find any scraps of food in order to keep her babies alive.

Enduring hunger and cold, the brave mama dog and her puppies hoped that someone would notice them and bring them to safety.

Receiving Help

dogs outdoor standing
Source: Animal Rescue

As soon as a rescuer got a call from his friend and learned that there was a canine family living under a bridge, he rushed to help them.

When he arrived at the location and saw how weak and frightened they were, the rescuer felt sad.

He tried to approach the mama dog and her puppies, but they were timid, and they kept their distance.

The kind human gave them food, and the hungry mama dog and her pups started eating. They were happy to finally have a proper meal.

Later that day, the rescuer brought water and more food for the sweet family. 

dog and puppies eats
Source: Animal Rescue

The mother dog wagged her tail as soon as she saw that he had returned, but she didn’t let the rescuer get close to her.

He hoped to gain their trust and bring them to safety as soon as possible.

The next day, two rescuers arrived at the bridge with the hope of rescuing the canine family. Soon, they realized that it wouldn’t be so easy to capture the puppies. They were running around, full of energy.

The mama dog’s heart melted when she saw that the kind rescuers kept leaving food and water for her and her pups. She realized that they were good humans, and she approached them without fear.

man kissing dog
Source: Animal Rescue

The rescuers cuddled the sweet doggo, and felt very happy because they gained her trust. The mother dog soaked up the love they gave her, and her beautiful eyes became hopeful.

The giant-hearted people kept visiting and feeding the adorable dogs twice a day. 

Bringing Them To Safety

man with dogs in cage
Source: Animal Rescue

On day four, the rescuers succeeded in luring the mother dog and her babies into a crate with food.

They felt overjoyed because they rescued the abandoned canines.

The doggo and her puppies were taken to a rescue. Their rescuers showered them with a lot of love and provided them with care.

The canine family felt safe and cherished. 

The mama dog, later named Lucy, was extremely grateful to the rescuers. Whenever Lucy saw her heroes, she jumped to greet them. With a smile on her face, she asked for cuddles.

Finding The Happiness They Dreamed Of

puppies playing
Source: Animal Rescue

Lucy and her pups started searching for a loving home.

It didn’t take long for the puppies to find great forever families who welcomed them with outstretched arms.

For some time, Lucy didn’t get any adoption applications. 

Her rescuers continued doting on her and giving her love, believing that she would find her happiness.

Six months later, the beautiful pooch stole the heart of a wonderful family, who gave her a loving home that she deserved

dogs on the couch lying
Source: Animal Rescue

It was the same family who adopted Dustin, one of Lucy’s puppies. The mother and her pup were overjoyed to be reunited.

We’re happy that they found the families who treasure them and make them feel loved.