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Abandoned Dog Covered In Wounds Was Desperately Crying After His Cruel Owners Tied Him To A Fence

Abandoned Dog Covered In Wounds Was Desperately Crying After His Cruel Owners Tied Him To A Fence

A sense of sorrow overwhelms me whenever I think about the cruelty and neglect that some animals experience.

A little pup who only needed love was mercilessly treated by the people whom he considered his family. 

After the dog’s owners wrapped him in a T-shirt and tied him to a fence, they abandoned him without the tiniest bit of empathy.

The heartbroken canine desperately started crying, hoping that good humans would find him and save his life. 

Bringing The Dog To Safety

Michael Favor, the founder of Pitbulls and Addicts, an animal rescue based in New York, was shocked when he received a message about a malnourished dog tied to a fence.

The giant-hearted man rushed to save him right away. 

As he drove to the location, he was terribly worried for the canine and he couldn’t stop thinking about him. 

Once he arrived at the scene and saw the helpless pup curled up under a bush, Favor’s heart broke. 

The canine was looking at the rescuer with eyes filled with despair, begging him to save his life.

The condition the dog was in was terrible. He was starving, and his body was covered in ulcers and infections.

Favor immediately untied the pup, later named Teddy. He cuddled him, offering him much-needed comfort. 

The kind rescuer gently placed him in the car. 

As he sniffed his hero’s hands, Teddy looked at him with incredibly sad eyes. The pooch couldn’t believe that he was finally free. 

Favor drove Teddy to Bay Street Animal Hospital in Staten Island, where the pup received a thorough examination and immediate medical attention.

Teddy was hospitalized. He began receiving antibiotics and topical medication.

The Healing Power Of Love

The staff affectionately treated the lovely canine and showered him with encouraging words. They hoped that Teddy would soon forget all the hardships he had endured.

Having realized that he had good humans by his side, the pup felt safe. His eyes started twinkling with happiness and immense gratitude.

Every morning, Teddy greeted his caregivers, vigorously wagging his tail

The hospital staff was enchanted with the pooch and the positive energy he spread at the hospital.

The staffers continued taking care of him and giving him a lot of love. The pooch reciprocated their affection by planting many sweet kisses on their faces.

Day after day, the pooch felt better, and he started regaining strength.

Two weeks after Teddy was rescued, his ulcers were gone.

Teddy is extremely grateful to his doctors and caregivers. The adorable pup often covers them with kisses and hugs.

As soon as the sweet boi recovers, he will move to Pitbulls and Addicts and start searching for his forever home.

Thank you both to Teddy’s rescuer and to his amazing caregivers for giving him love and for taking great care of him.

I hope that Teddy will soon make a full recovery and find a great forever family who will adore him and spoil him with love. The pup deserves all the happiness in this world.