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Poor Dog Covered In Toxic Paint Was Afraid Of Everyone Until He Met His Amazing Rescuers

Poor Dog Covered In Toxic Paint Was Afraid Of Everyone Until He Met His Amazing Rescuers

Unfortunately, the world is still full of people who tend to forget that animals have emotions, too.

That is why when a passerby noticed a small Pit Bull covered in toxic green paint in a deserted town outside Los Angeles, their heart completely broke.

The pup, later named Clover, was devastated because of the state she was in, but luckily, she was soon transported to North Valley Veterinary Center where she was about to get the care she deserved.

Finally Safe

As soon as she arrived at the North Valley vet, Clover was given a thorough examination and immediately started treatment that would heal her severely burned skin because of the dangerous paint.

“[Vets] gave her two medicated baths and were able to remove most of the paint. [S]he’s getting lots of love being spoiled and pampered,” Love Leo Rescue wrote in a Facebook post about the pup.

In no time, the toxic green paint was washed away, and Clover was able to show her true, beautiful colors.

Spending only two weeks in the hospital’s care, Clover’s skin drastically improved.

Unfortunately, she still had trouble opening up. That is why the director of Love Leo Rescue, Sasha Abelson, decided to take Clover in and show her that there are still good hoomans out there.

“When she finally arrived at my house to be my new foster dog, she was sweet but shut-down and [shy]. I knew it was gonna take her a long time to learn to trust again,” Abelson told The Dodo.

After spending some time with her, Abelson determined that in order for her to fully come out of her shell, Clover needed to become a part of a permanent family.

“Clover is roughly 2 years old and only about 45 pounds. She is dog-friendly, housetrained, and walks nicely on a leash…. She would do best in a home with calm energy and a yard for her to run around in. Another balanced, calm dog would be a good match. We would really love to set this girl up in her forever home for the holidays. After everything she’s been through, she truly deserves nothing but love going forward,” the North Valley vet wrote in a Facebook post.

Forever Home

Abelson decided to reach out to a patient couple she knew, Eric and Aubrey, and offer them to meet Clover and, if the three of them got along, consider making her a part of their family.

Initially, Clover didn’t really like Eric. However, after spending time with him, she found out that he was actually an incredible hooman who was going to make her life worth living again.

“Days turned into weeks and then weeks turned into months. It was clear that these two good humans were the perfect match for the special dog. They gave her the time [and] the space she needed to learn to trust and to heal from her past trauma. To see her so loved and enjoying life truly warms my heart,” Abelson said.

Eric and Aubrey were completely head over heels for Clover and knew that they had to have her in their lives.

Now, this little family spends their days enjoying every passing moment, allowing Clover to completely forget her rough past and totally embrace her bright future!