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A Sweet Dog Couldn’t Stop Trembling With Fear After Her Owners Left Her On The Side Of A Road

A Sweet Dog Couldn’t Stop Trembling With Fear After Her Owners Left Her On The Side Of A Road

No pet should ever know how painful it feels to be expelled out of the only home they ever knew.

Unfortunately, countless dogs go through heartbreak after their careless owners let them down and leave them to fend for themselves.

Suri felt brokenhearted, too, after her family abandoned her on the outskirts of a town. 

The pup desperately started running on the road. With sadness in her eyes, she looked in the distance and hoped to see her owners returning for her.

Suri Starts Getting Rid Of Her Fears

sweet dog trembling

A kind woman who was driving along the same road noticed an abandoned dog. Worried for her safety, the good human pulled over and started calling the pooch.

The pup, later named Suri, was glad to see that someone came to her aid. She approached the woman while wagging her tail.

Suri looked at her with sad eyes, and the woman stroked her face, offering her comfort.

white dog trembling

When the dog’s rescuer placed her in the car, Suri started shivering uncontrollably. She felt terrified.

The woman realized that Suri was afraid of cars. She assumed that the doggo developed a trauma after her owner drove her in their car and dumped her on the side of the road.

Suri’s rescuer petted her and reassured her that everything would be alright.

With a sorrowful expression on her face, the pup curled up in a ball.

dog laying in the car

The giant-hearted woman brought her home to foster her. 

At first, Suri felt shy and hesitant. She needed time to get used to her new surroundings and to get over her overwhelming fear. 

The canine was still shaking with fear.

Her foster mom cuddled her, trying to make her feel safe. Suri sensed that she could trust her caregiver, and she began bonding with her. 

She trembled less than before, and she wagged her tail.

Love Heals All Wounds

woman and very cute dog

Surrounded with love, Suri started coming out of her shell. She enjoyed all the cuddles her foster mom gave her. 

As time went by, the pup began reciprocating her affection and covering her caregiver in kisses. Suri deeply loved her foster mom.

The delightful doggo stayed with her foster for a month. She left all her fears behind, and she transformed into a confident canine.

sweet dog on a leash

Suri focused on her future and started looking for her place under the sun.

It didn’t take long for the pooch to captivate the heart of the perfect family who decided to give her a forever home.

woman and sweet dog

The doggo’s face beamed with joy after moving into her new home. Suri felt that she found the place where she truly belonged.

Her forever mom gave her the boundless love that she always dreamed of.

Thank you to Suri’s rescuer for mending her broken heart. Because of you, the pup lives her best life with a family who adores her.