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Foster Dog Who Confused His Mom By His Unusual Behavior Ended Up Saving Her Life

Foster Dog Who Confused His Mom By His Unusual Behavior Ended Up Saving Her Life

When a stray dog by the name of Brownie finally got adopted and spent some time in foster care, that was the first time he had ever felt what a loving home could offer a pup like him.

Unfortunately, Brownie had four adoptions that failed while he was in his New Mexico shelter. So, hoping to give him another chance, the staff managed to move him to a shelter in Colorado.

While he was waiting to be transported to his new home, Brownie needed to be placed in temporary care.

That’s where he met the Analore family.

At The Fosters

The first couple of days at Brownie’s new home weren’t as easy as he had thought.

As he tried to learn what being house-trained was all about, this sweet pup ran into some difficulties.

But, once he finally realized that he was surrounded by people who were actually there for him, everything changed. It took him only a few days to learn how to properly communicate with his fosters, telling them exactly what he needs.

“He was terrified at first. He didn’t know what to do. Eventually, he would alert me if he had to go to the bathroom. He would sit by the door and cry,” said Molly Analore.

It didn’t take Molly long to also pick up on Brownie’s communication methods concerning everyday activities.

However, one night, Brownie did something quite unusual.

Instead of telling Molly what he needed, he tried to tell her that this time, she was the one who needed help.

Intuitive Pup

Before Brownie went into Molly’s care, she started experiencing instances of fainting and dizziness. One of the nights while Brownie was around, Molly started feeling sick and this observant pup picked up on it right away.

He’s not big on cuddling a lot, but he just jumped right on my couch, sat next to me and started cuddling me. I thought, ‘That’s a little strange,’ but then didn’t think anything else of it.

Molly decided to use the rare opportunity and cuddle Brownie before moving to her bed and lying down since she was still unwell.

However, Brownie, who was usually reserved, just wouldn’t leave her be.

When I went to bed, he was outside my door screaming his head off, scratching at the door and headbutting the door. That wasn’t normal for him. It was almost like he was trying to say, ‘Something’s wrong, let me in now.’

Molly quickly jumped up from her bed, opened the door, and allowed the determined pup inside.

He jumped right on my bed, sat next to me with his head on my chest, then once my heart stopped racing and I felt better, he just got up and left.

Molly also stated that this type of behavior wasn’t something Brownie had done before, nor has he ever done it again once her fainting spells had stopped.

Forever Home

After spending two incredible weeks with the Analore family, Brownie finally moved to the Colorado shelter as planned.

He is currently staying with another foster family, but the Analore family wants to have him back, adopting him for good.

A dog like that only comes around once in a lifetime. The connection was so strong.