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Smart Dog Invented Her Own “Language” To Communicate With Humans 

Smart Dog Invented Her Own “Language” To Communicate With Humans 

Whenever someone mentions a “talking dog”, what kind of breed comes to mind?

A Siberian Husky, of course! 

This breed is very well known for their communication skills. 

It is amazing to see the sheer range of sounds that these beautiful dogs can produce, which people have considered for centuries to be basically “talking”. 

Howling, whining, screaming, crying… you name it. 

However, this particular Husky mix, from San Francisco, named Bean, has gone one step further and basically invented her own vocabulary that her humans had to learn to decipher. 

A Precious Pup Named Bean

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Source: @todayatthepark

This beautiful blonde Husky/Australian Shepherd mix was found on the side of a road in Baja, California. She was pregnant and all alone on the streets when a rescuer first found her. 

Luckily, she was rescued just in time for her to have her babies at a nice foster home. 

“Bean had this big smile in her adoption photo, and I was like, this is my dog,” Jordan Plumb, Bean’s owner, said in the interview with GeoBeats Animals.  

Her puppies got adopted into beautiful homes, and Beanie ended up in San Francisco with Jordan, who is a professional photographer, and Bean is her favorite subject to photograph. 

She was quite surprised at how small Bean actually was, weighing only 35 pounds, which is pretty small for such a mix.  

“She’s basically a blonde Husky, but everything has been shrunk to two feet tall,” joked Jordan. 

Bean is one happy dog that loves people, and she is not afraid of strangers at all. Her fur is so soft and she likes some head scratches. 

But, the most interesting thing about Beanie is her unique way of communicating.

In order to “talk” with her humans, Beanie developed different grumbles for different things, and it’s simply adorable as well as hilarious.  

Beanie’s Grumbles

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“If she wants to go for a walk or if she’s just bored, or if she wants attention, there’s slight nuances between her grumbles that we have been able to decipher. If her needs have not been met, she’ll let us know,” said Jordan.  

Bean has chosen the most unique way of “talking”, for sure, but her grumbles are simply adorable. 

Thankfully, Bean has the most amazing pawrents who not only made an effort to learn her language, but try to show her how much they love her every single day. 

“One of the biggest compliments I’ve ever received was that someone said they’ve never met an owner and a dog that are so similar, which is the nicest thing anyone could say ‘cause she is so sweet,” Jordan said. 

Besides her grumbles and unique way of talking, Beanie has so many other little quirks that make her a very special dog. 

For example, whenever anyone comes through their front door, Beanie will always be at the top of the stairs peeking out behind a wall. She just smiles and waits for that person to greet her at the top and give her head scratches. 

While she doesn’t like to cuddle, she loves pets and head scratches.

“People always say that your dogs get separation anxiety, but I feel like I get separation anxiety when I am away from my dog for too long. It feels like a piece of me is missing when we’re not together. She’s an extension of me at this point.”

Beanie is a very special girl that has definitely found her perfect forever home! 

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