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Dog Caught On Camera Doing The Sweetest Thing For His Little Hooman Brother

Dog Caught On Camera Doing The Sweetest Thing For His Little Hooman Brother

Some canines truly exemplify the meaning behind the expression that states, dogs are humans’ best friends.

And, that someone is definitely Moose!

This amazing German Shepherd dazzled the world with the single most unique act of selflessness, showing how thoughtful he is of his little hooman brother.

Even though Moose is not a trained therapy canine, he’s a real example of how intuitive and truly brilliant dogs can be. Here’s why!

A Lifelong Bond

the dog sleeps next to the child in the car
Source: Lauren Carpio

The Carpio family, from Oklahoma, brought Moose home as a puppy from Texas in 2022. When he arrived at the new home, never in their wildest dreams did they think Moose would be such an important part of their family

They already had a dog named Chomper, also a German Shepherd, and having another dog wasn’t an option. 

But, when Lauren saw a post about Moose looking for a family in a Facebook group, she just couldn’t say no. It was near her birthday, and Moose felt like the perfect present. So, it happened!

a boy hugs a dog in a field
Source: Lauren Carpio

The entire family welcomed Moose with an open heart. Chomper was really happy to have a sibling, too, and so were the kids! But, before anyone else, Moose felt instantly drawn to his little brother, Noah.

Even though Moose was never subjected to any professional dog training, he knew right off the bat that his little hooman needed extra protection. Noah, the seven-year-old boy, has inborn heart issues that required multiple surgeries, and he also developed seizures. 

His parents, Lauren and Josh, installed a camera in his room in order to have a live feed in case Noah has a seizure, but they didn’t know that there was an extra pair of eyes watching over their son.

Moose – The Family’s Protector

the dog licks the boy while he sleeps
Source: Lauren Carpio

One night, Lauren looked at the camera to check on Noah when she saw the sweetest thing! There was Moose sneaking into Noah’s room and already checking on him.

He slowly approached Noah’s bed, looked at his little hooman buddy, and then gave him the sweetest kiss on the face. For the rest of the night, Moose slept right next to Noah’s bed, making sure to be there in case his brother needed him.

From that moment on, Moose sneaking into Noah’s room overnight became a regular thing.

“Moose goes in to check on him often and give him kisses. Sometimes I’m lucky and look at the camera at the perfect time and capture this adorableness,” wrote Lauren.

the dog lies on the child's stomach
Source: Lauren Carpio

He doesn’t just check on Noah while he’s sleeping. This giant-hearted German Shepherd boi is on alert 24/7, and he always makes sure to be near Noah

When his little hooman doesn’t feel well, he becomes more observant and refuses to leave his side. He checks on him repeatedly and licks him on the face every few minutes just to send a signal that he’s there for him.

Lauren and the family are truly grateful for having Moose in their family.

two boys and a girl with two dogs
Source: Lauren Carpio

“He may not be trained to be a therapy/service dog, but you can’t look at these pictures and tell me he doesn’t have a special connection with my son. He brings so much joy and laughs to our lives every single day,” Lauren wrote for Dogspotting Society.

Even though he’s sometimes goofy and set in his own ways, the fact that he acts like Noah’s personal protector means the world to them. 

He’s truly a special dog, and a true example of how truly beautiful the hooman-dog relationship can be!