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Dog Can’t Stop Jumping With Joy After Spending A Month Being Tied To A Trailer

Dog Can’t Stop Jumping With Joy After Spending A Month Being Tied To A Trailer

When a woman came across a stray dog who would not leave her site, not knowing what to do, she decided to tie him up to her trailer.

Unfortunately, a whole month had passed and the dog was still tied down to the same exact place.

Rescue Mission

tied dog with a sad look on his face
Source: YouTube

As soon as two local rescuers, Jessie and Breana, heard about the harsh environment this dog was in, they got in their truck and were on their way.

When they got to the location, they were left shocked.  

Since the dog was there for such a long time, the rope around his neck became so entangled that it was impossible to slip it off, so his rescuers had to cut it off with a knife.  

Of course, the dog was not in good shape. He was extremely malnourished and desperate for attention.

“He was so excited just to see someone there that was there to help him,” said Jessie.

woman holding a rope around the dog's neck trying to free him
Source: YouTube

As soon as his rescuers cut off the old rope from around his neck, the dog could not contain his excitement.

Jessie and Breana hurried up and brought him back to the shelter where he got a very thorough checkup.

Him being happy obviously made up both really excited and happy.

Being able to finally move around made this dog jump for joy… literally! Whenever he was out in the yard, he just couldn’t help himself but jump all around.

woman with cap carresing dog
Source: YouTube

Having such a happy personality, it took this dog, now named Oscar Meyer, only a couple of weeks to find a loving foster home. 

Oscar Meyer was in our shelter for a week or two. And that’s when my coworker, Kris, fell in love with him and decided to take him home and foster him.

Foster home

man taking dogs for a walk
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As soon as Kris saw what a good boy he was, she knew that Oscar Meyer would fit in her home immediately.

“My big pittie boy, Simba, greeted him. They bonded pretty quickly. It really only took, like, an hour,” said Kris.

Oscar Meyer has a completely different view on life now.

He has left his past life behind, focusing only on the love and attention he gets to experience every single day.

smiling woman with happy dog
Source: YouTube

He’s just a sweet, loving guy.

After spending some time with Oscar Meyer, Kris knew that she simply couldn’t part ways with this adorable dog.

I knew I wanted to adopt Oscar probably after a couple of weeks.

Final Word

Living with Kris for a couple of months made Oscar Meyer look like a brand-new dog.

Apart from running around all the time and wanting playdates with everybody he meets, Oscar Meyer makes sure to always come back to his new mom and show her just how much he appreciates her.

Good boy, Oscar Meyer!