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13 Dog Breeds That Don’t Like Showing Affection At All

13 Dog Breeds That Don’t Like Showing Affection At All

When you are deciding whether or not to adopt or buy a dog, there are many things you need to consider before owning one. 

Those things you will need to pay close attention to are activity levels of the dog breed, shedding levels, what that specific dog breed is for, personality type of the dog, etc.

The personality type of the dog will play a huge role when choosing the one that fits all of your needs. For example, my mom, who is a retired teacher and loves taking long walks, has a Golden Retriever, and my sister, who is a corporate girl, has a Frenchie.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t have the time of the day to dedicate to a dog, maybe one of these least-affectionate dogs would be the best choice for you!

#13 The Shih Tzu Likes Affection Only In Certain Occasions

dog shih tzu sitting on the ground and looking at his owner

A fully developed Shih-Tzu frequently weighs just under twenty pounds because it is a toy breed. The majority of these little dogs have lengthy, straight hair, but some others have shorter, curlier hair; they are Chinese in origin. 

These dogs were selectively developed for companionship, and they historically held great value among Chinese royalty

Shih-Tzus are temperamental and incredibly stubborn. However, they may make averagely-good pets. In that they act however they choose, whenever they please, Shih-Tzus are a lot like cats.

It is not that they aren’t cuddly at all, it is just the fact that they don’t enjoy your attention all the time. Sometimes, they just like to be on their own.

Their sassy attitudes are something that makes them different from many other toy dog breeds. They were bred to be spoiled companion dogs, and to this day, they are pretty much keeping that reputation alive.

#12 The Chesapeake Bay Retriever Will Find Running More Appealing

chesapeake bay retriever lying on the grass

A huge dog breed that is a member of the retriever class is the one and only Chesapeake Bay Retriever. This American canine is an excellent hunting partner, and can retrieve waterfowl.

These dogs are lively and playful. However, they won’t be able to spend much time with the family because of their desire to hunt. These dogs will persistently pursue small animals because they have a strong prey drive. However, they like being famous!

They just aren’t the type of dog that will be happy to lay down on the couch for hours beside you. They were bred to be working dogs that have loads of energy. Often, the things that they were bred for have a huge impact on the dog’s personality.

This is why the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a restless dog breed. It is not that they are completely non-affectionate… it is just that they have some other things in mind.

#11 The Scottish Terrier Just Prefers Digging Around

scottish terrier lying on the floor

One of the many terriers that originated in Scotland is the Scottish Terrier, sometimes known as the Scotty. These little pups have a big head and a striking form, with a stand-offish attitude that perfectly matches their little mustache. 

The Scottish terrier is the favorite breed in the United States; two presidents have owned one, and it appears in the game, Monopoly. This small dog breed is very territorial, fierce, and sassy.

They are noted for their constant barking; thus, they make great watchdogs. Their barking can annoy many people, and they are frequently wary of strangers and young children.

They aren’t the friendliest dog breed, and they won’t let just anybody pet them… sometimes not even their own owner. However, they do enjoy singing!

It all depends on their current mood, which can often change.

#10 The Saluki Is More Of A Runner And A Track Star

saluki dog lying on the grass

The Saluki is a tall, lean dog that looks like an Afghan hound, but it is a sighthound, which indicates that it hunts primarily with its eyes rather than its nose. 

The speedy Salukis can outrun greyhounds over great distances. It might be difficult to train because it is extremely timid towards strangers. 

This dog also enjoys chasing moving items, such as tires and tiny animals. Some of these harmful habits can be reduced with early socializing.

It all boils down to the fact that if a dog breed is trained for a specific purpose, it it is more likely to be less inclined to give and receive affection. 

Some dog breeds, just like the Saluki, were bred to be hard-working dogs. They are not one of those dogs like the Frenchie that can spend hours without moving a single muscle.

#9 Bloodhounds Will Yell At You If You Pet Them At The Wrong Time

bloodhound dog in  the garden

Large dogs belonging to an old breed known as Bloodhounds were bred for their exceptional tracking skills. 

It can track an individual or an animal for many days, thanks to its physical attributes. Bloodhounds are thought to have a 50x stronger sense of smell than people.

Due to their devotion to their job, they could spend a lot of time searching and get upset if they miss a smell. They may be isolated from family members due to their work ethic, and new owners may struggle with their obstinacy.

To cut a long story short, these dogs are so devoted to their tasks that they simply feel as if they don’t have the time for showing and receiving affection from anybody.

#8 The Cairn Terrier Doesn’t Have Time For Cuddles

cairn terrier in the park

The intelligent, devoted, and highly adaptive Cairn terrier is a popular choice for active individuals. But, because they are real terriers, these dogs are quite restless.

Some Cairn Terriers may have a tendency to bark excessively, while others may be diggers. This dog is not suitable for anyone looking for a calm lap dog. They can be dangerous among small animals and stray cats, as well as fierce around other dogs.

Cairn terriers can be a fantastic option for families looking for a playful companion that is always ready to play catch or take a brisk walk all around the neighborhood. However, they are often stubborn and like doing things their own way.

They don’t really enjoy affection because they would rather spend time digging, playing, or running around. For them, affection is such a waste of time.

#7 The Shar Pei Is More Into Skincare 

shar pei dog lying on the carpet

The Shar Pei breed makes an excellent watchdog because of its regal, independent demeanor. 

But, like many other canines developed for hunting or fighting, this breed may also be tenacious and possessive; without adequate socialization, they frequently turn aloof or hostile toward outsiders. They could struggle to adapt to unfamiliar individuals and situations.

For people who live in cities or suburbs, the Shar Pei is passionately devoted and, by the way, an extremely expensive dog. But, this breed also needs intensive training and appropriate socialization

They are usually the type of dog that will be attached to one person who spends the most time with it. Occasionally, it might show that one person affection (sometimes).

But, towards strangers and people that they don’t spend as much time with, they are not the friendliest, nor will they be affectionate.

#6 The Tibetan Mastiff Is Busy Guarding The Property

tibetan mastiff in nature

The Tibetan Mastiff may seem as another surprise. Although having a bear-like appearance, they emphasize control, which is probably a result of their heritage as wolf and bear guards for monasteries.

The cuddly look of the huge Tibetan Mastiff should not be mistaken for the gentleness of the Pyreneese or the Bernese; they are undoubtedly more reserved around strangers.

Combining this with their enormous size will make it necessary to maintain total control and oversee rigorous training.

These dogs were bred to guard the properties and to kill anything that is smaller than them. Therefore, they aren’t the cuddliest dogs to have, but rather, they are more on the alert side.

#5 The Afghan Hound Doesn’t Want To Mess Up Its Hairstyle

afghan hound lying on the grass

One of the world’s oldest canine breeds is the Afghan hound. It is a long-haired canine with a majestic appearance that was originally intended to endure Afghanistan’s chilly highlands. 

These canines are usually reserved and wary of strangers. Moreover, they frequently attack and chase down everything that is smaller than them, which they consider as prey.

Afghan Hounds are all about the business. Don’t let their elegant looks fool you because these dogs can run extremely fast, and they won’t be chasing your cuddles… that, I promise.

#4 The Chihuahua Is Just Too Picky

chihuahua dog lying on the floor

They will definitely try to bite you if they feel threatened! These little creatures are not very accepting of strangers, it might be said. 

They become extremely vigilant as a result, making them excellent alert dogs! Your dog will only form a strong attachment with one person if it is not introduced to other animals or individuals.

A Chihuahua must be exposed to several people and animals in order to be well socialized. This entails acclimating your dog to the surroundings. Due to their small size, Chihuahuas aren’t just apprehensive of people, but also fearful of a variety of noises

#3 The Chow Chow Only Likes One Person

chow chow dog lying on the floor

An ancient dog breed with a history dating back more than a thousand years in China is the Chow Chow. These canines are often referred to as puffy lion dogs. 

There is evidence that the Chow Chow was used as a model for the original Teddy bears because of its long hair, which makes it look as such.

The drawback of keeping a male or a female Chow Chow as a companion animal is that they can grow unduly hostile when it comes to the protectiveness of one owner who they will be most attached to. 

These dogs’ inherent tendencies include aggression; therefore, owners must train them carefully. In order to prevent violence against family members, a lot of socializing is required. They don’t enjoy cuddle time.

#2 The Shiba Inu Is It’s Own Boss

shiba inu dog lying on the couch

These attentive canine companions each possess their own character. They are extremely charismatic and stubborn. The possession of a Shiba might be challenging for novice dog owners. 

Any benefit in dealing with recalcitrant dogs comes from having solid experience. Although it may be trained and guided, the Shiba likes to challenge its owner. It will be difficult to train the dog into complete submission.

Some say that the Shiba has wolf-like characteristics, others compare them to cats and advocate that they have a cat-like personality.

This dog thrives in nature, and it has a keen hunting instinct. Whenever it comes to hunting any possible prey, these animals are extraordinarily quick and skilled. They require a lot of physical activity, and they enjoy being outside the most.

However, they aren’t really cuddly. Rather, they are alert and distant.

#1 The Basenji Is The Most Catlike Dog Breed Ever

basenji dog lying on the bed

A smaller hunting dog breed with African roots is known as the Basenji. Because it howls rather than barks, this breed is widely recognized as the barkless dog. The reticent Basenji tends to become attached to just one person. 

They’ll protect this one owner with their own life, but they’ll keep their distance from outsiders, and they aren’t inclined to interact well with other animals.

From all of the given dog breeds, the Basenji is the least affectionate and the most independent. People say that this is the dog that has the strongest traits of cat-like behavior!

They prefer their own company, and sometimes the company of their owner. They don’t like strangers, be it dogs, cats, or other people.

Final Word

As you can clearly see, the majority of today’s least-affectionate dog breeds were once used as hunting or working dogs of any kind. Although their profession may have become archaic over time, we nonetheless have them around as companions and animal friends.

These dogs require a strong master to provide them a meaningful direction since they have a particularly difficult time moving on from the past

Any of these breeds will make passionately devoted pets, and are equally suitable as any other if you are a skilled owner with lots of time to dedicate to exercising your buddy and spending time with him.