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Dog Born With A Lump On Her Head Gets A New Home And A Cute Nickname

Dog Born With A Lump On Her Head Gets A New Home And A Cute Nickname

Different isn’t weird… different is good. Once we learn how to accept people and animals that are marked as different, we’ll be able to live in complete harmony. 

The story of Strawberry, a rescue Pitbull girl, proves there’s still hope and good people who see beyond physical appearance. 

Rejected and marginalized because of having a bump on her head, Strawberry was going from one shelter to another in desperate need of a family to love her.

Fortune finally smiled upon her: a loving family was dying to meet her and give her a wonderful life!

Strawberry’s Bump That Made Her The Unicorn Dog

When you think about it, the term ‘unicorn dog’ surely sounds amazing! You have a dog with a bump that resembles a unicorn’s horn… or an alicorn. 

But, people didn’t think Strawberry looked amazing. They didn’t see the magic inside her. All they saw was a potentially dangerous bump, which was the main reason why Strawbs ended up on a forever sleep list. 

“She has horrible scratches on her swollen face, and goopy eyes, not to mention two giant lumps on her sweet head,” said the La Belle Foundation.

Everyone just assumed her big lump was a tumor, as it usually turns out to be. That’s why they decided to end her misery and put her to sleep.

However, the good rescuers of the La Belle Foundation ran some tests and came to a conclusion: Strawberry’s lump wasn’t a tumor! It was scar tissue from several previous injuries. Despite her odd looks, the Pitbull girl was perfectly healthy. 

The scars healed, the swelling went down, and Strawberry’s beauty came through, but the bump stayed in place. 

Still, this was enough for a family from South Pasadena to fall for her unusual looks.

The Furever Family

dog with strawberry costume
Source: Today

After seeing Strawberry’s adoption post on social media, the Kuhlman family felt they had to do something.

“Something spoke to me about her,” said Kristen Kuhlman. “She wasn’t able to find a home for quite a while. We waited and thought about it. And, we kept seeing her on the website.”

Strawberry came at the right time to fill the emptiness that Kuhlman’s previous dog left behind. The family was without a pet… heartbroken because of the loss after 15 years of having a pup. They felt Strawberry would mend their wounds. 

“She came out of her shell within a couple of weeks and she became the most affectionate dog. My family loves her.”

This Pittie girl proved to be a wonderful family dog that is super sweet, friendly, and full of love. 

kids snuggle with dog
Source: Today

“She’s a good snuggler. She’ll lay on top of you. She’s heavy and big,” said Claire, the daughter of the family.

Everyone in this South Pasadena neighborhood loves Strawbs, as the family sometimes calls her. When they see her walking around proudly with her strawberry-patterned leash, they always come to say hi. 

pitbull with a bump on the head
Source: Today

Nobody is afraid just because she’s a Pitbull and she features a bump on her head.

Strawberry is proof that magic can be found even in the oddest creatures.