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Unwanted Dog Blossomed In The Right Environment And Showed Her Spelling Talent

Unwanted Dog Blossomed In The Right Environment And Showed Her Spelling Talent

Just like us, dogs have certain talents which they want to show to the world. Unfortunately, they can often be overlooked.

However, if they find themselves in the right environment with the right owner who will recognize their potential and give them time to show it, dogs can flourish.

It was a dog named Penny who kept returning to the shelter for a long time because the previous owners were not able to recognize the splendor of his talent.

However, when she found the right person, Penny showed the whole world what she was worth.

They Didn’t Recognize Her Potential 

portrait of an adorable puppy
Source: @pennyloggins

Penny was found on the streets of Los Angeles by some Petco employees. She looked like she was a stray in need of a home. 

They rescued her and brought her to a place where she could be put up for adoption. When they got more information about her, they found out that Penny was actually adopted a few times already. 

Unfortunately, the families kept returning her. Penny was a dog full of energy that her previous owners just didn’t know how to channel properly.

a dog in an iron pot
Source: @pennyloggins

That’s why it was easier for them to get rid of Penny than to put a little effort into her because they would certainly discover huge potential, especially the intellectual one.

It quickly turned out that fate actually wanted it that way because after such a long time, the right person for Penny appeared.

She Demonstrated Her Biggest Talent

a cute puppy is lying on the floor
Source: @pennyloggins

As soon as Penny came to her new Los Angeles home, her new owner, Leonora Anzaldua, realized that this dog was special. 

She was full of energy, but also very intelligent, which was a key factor on her path to self-realization. She learned that all Penny needed was a little mental stimulation. 

Through various intellectual challenges that Penny went through, Leonora discovered her hidden talent. 

She bought some blocks of letters and started teaching Penny the alphabet. And, that was a complete hit for this clever dog. 

Penny managed to master it in a very short period of time, and she soon learned how to spell her own name. 

Leonora filmed Penny spelling out the name and made it available to the public through a YouTube video on her own channel, Penny Loggins

People were amazed at Penny’s extraordinary talent and intelligence. The cutest thing in the video is when Penny gets stuck at the letter “Y” for a split second before eventually completing the name. Even the greatest minds have blackouts sometimes!

Her Intelligence Knows No Borders

portrait of a dog with plastic numbers in the box
Source: @pennyloggins

Although this video gained a large audience on both Instagram and YouTube, it was not the only time Penny showed her incredible potential.

Before demonstrating her spelling talent, Penny also showed how she was quickly able to learn how to army crawl in one of her first public endeavors. 

She also showed her tendency to recognize shapes, and in an Instagram video, she demonstrated it in the best way.

Penny was no stranger to numbers either, and she tried her hand at that, too. Her mom bought her a set of numbers and she quickly learned to recognize 1 and 2. 

With practice and persistence, we have no doubt that this smart girl will learn to count even more. 

cute little dog looking ahead
Source: @pennyloggins

Finally, Penny even expressed her desire to learn to drive a car. Although that is still too much for her, her ambition to learn is really fascinating as well as inspiring for everyone. 

portrait of a puppy behind the wheel
Source: @pennyloggins

As for the way Penny has started, we have no doubt that she will soon receive the title of Einstein among dogs, and maybe even win some kind of canine Nobel Prize.

We will certainly keep our fingers crossed.