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Dog And His Mom Play Hide And Seek, Then A Funny Thing Happens

Dog And His Mom Play Hide And Seek, Then A Funny Thing Happens

All dogs have a fun, playful side, and just love to have a good time. I remember just how much mine loved the games we would play together and how happy he would be every time.

They are just adorable little babies who would do anything to spend time with their favorite person ever.

In this story, we will talk about a woman who played hide-and-seek with her dog only for something unusual to happen.

A Fun Game

Not too long ago, Cloe Terare had an interesting idea to play a game of hide-and-seek with her dog, Midas. 

After all, he loves games and a good challenge, but just how good he was at finding someone is up for debate.

When Terare noticed that her dog went into another room, she quickly set up a camera in her living room.

Then, she proceeded to hide under a blanket and call for Midas to find her. The challenge had begun. 

However, what she did not anticipate was that someone else would join this interesting hunt. It was her cat, Lucifer.

Even though he was skilled at tracking things, I don’t think he knew what he was getting into. 

A Funny Twist

photo of a living room
Source: @cloeterare

Terare told The Dodo: I don’t think Lucifer realized I was hiding. He actually landed on my throat with the first jump, then came down and hit my face. I was SO confused from under the blanket.

When everything happened, Midas was there in no time to see if everyone in the room was okay. 

Terare was just laughing the whole time, as she had not anticipated this to happen.

After this whole funny event, she decided it was enough hide-and-seek for one day. 

Even though Midas and Lucifer were probably a bit surprised by the whole situation, it didn’t phase them for long and they were back to doing their usual activities right away.

Terare said: They were bouncing around as normal after that. We always play together.

This funny story can be a good example in showing the importance of always playing with your pets and being lighthearted about it.