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Dog And Her Best Feline Friend Have The Cutest Ritual, A Symbol Of Their Immense Love

Dog And Her Best Feline Friend Have The Cutest Ritual, A Symbol Of Their Immense Love

Every dog’s biggest dream in life is to have a forever home and a happy family. Yet, our furry friends wouldn’t mind if they had an animal companion as well with whom they could play and spend time. 

When a dog named Tiger was six years old, she was living the life of her dreams in a loving Florida home with her perfect family. She didn’t even think about the fact that life could be much more beautiful and that it could happen soon.

Tiger will never forget the day her mom, Jeanie, introduced her to a new family member. Then, her life truly became a blessing.

Love At First Sight

Jeanie, a dog owner from Florida, has always loved canines and made no secret of it. Yet, she adored other animals as well, so the idea of adding another animal member to the family ran through her mind for a long time. 

One day, she finally decided that she would do it, even though she was a little afraid of Tiger’s reaction. When she finally got home and introduced Tiger to Akaiba, a tiny cute kitten, the dog could not hide her delight. 

“Tiger was instantly obsessed with her!” Jeanie told The Dodo. “They were best friends right from the start.”

It was truly love at first sight, and their romance continued in the following years they spent together. 

During eight happy years, these two experienced many joyful moments, but one ritual they established is certainly the most worth mentioning. 

It is one of the most heartwarming things you’ll see.

The Sweetest Ritual

dog and feline friend
Source: @jtwohawks

The now 14-year-old Tiger has changed a lot since the day she first met Akaiba. She is not as energetic and is much slower than before, and the years have generally taken their toll. 

Everything in her life has completely changed except for one thing – her immense love for Akaiba. In the same way, the nightly ritual that these two have performed every evening before going to bed remained the same as well. 

“She will go up to Akaiba and gently nudge her to be groomed,” Jeanie said. “This is part of their daily routine.”

Their mom Jeanie loved it so much that one day, she decided to record it and share the video on her TikTok account, @jtwohawks.

“Tiger groomed Akaiba a lot as a kitten, and as soon as Akaiba grew up a little bit, she started returning the favor,” Jeanie explained. “They’ve been grooming each other for a long time!”

This ritual is actually a symbol of love between two beings, which, despite their differences, always wins in the end. 

Dog Tiger and cat Akaiba are the best examples of this and can be an inspiration to all of us.