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Heartbroken Dog Abandoned On A Street Starts Trusting Again When She Meets Someone Special

Heartbroken Dog Abandoned On A Street Starts Trusting Again When She Meets Someone Special

One of the worst things you can do to your dog is to suddenly throw it out on the street and deny it a loving home.

At the same time, if you separate her from her puppies, you have broken her heart completely and it will take a long time to recover from those wounds.

Yes, that’s exactly what one heartless owner did to his dog and her puppies without thinking about the consequences it would have on them.

She Was Completely Broken Inside

dog with conjunctivitis
Source: @dogs_armavir

2-year-old Louise was found one day on the streets by @prwnceska, a big-hearted woman who has encountered many similar situations in her life.

However, even she could not believe how cruel a man could be. That was when she heard that the owner had forcibly separated her from her little ones in addition to throwing her out onto the street.

It was completely clear to her why poor Louise did not want to look her in the eyes and why she was hiding in a corner in fear. After that one experience, it is not difficult to completely lose faith in humans.

Still, she somehow managed to break through that barrier, and soon there was a leash around Louise’s neck to lead her to safety.

Her long journey to a new life could begin.

She Was Soon Back On The Right Track

a sick dog in a cage
Source: @dogs_armavir

Before Louise even came to the vet for detailed examinations, good news arrived for her. Her two puppies were found and they were on their way to the clinic as well.

It was a good sign that things were going to get better for this family despite everything they had been through.

When they came to the vet, they were all full of ticks and fleas, so they got rid of that first. Unfortunately, for the poor mama dog, that was the least problem. 

She was also suffering from piroplasmosis, mastopathy, conjunctivitis, and severe osteochondritis. 

However, this brave dog overcame it all, and after several treatments and major eye surgery, she put a smile back on her face.

two happily playful dogs in the garden
Source: @dogs_armavir

She soon found her foster home where she was showered with lots of love and attention. There, she met many canine friends, as well as her best friend, Sati. The two were inseparable during their stay in the temporary home.

Everything fell into place and all that was missing was a happy ending. 

Happy Ending After All

a girl is petting her dog while walking
Source: @dogs_armavir

Although her two little ones quickly found their forever homes, Louise was still in the temporary one. Not everything went so smoothly for this dog.

True, she quickly found it at first, but she did not find a common language with her new family.

That’s why she had to return to the foster home, and her savior and foster parents did everything to find her happiness.

It has been almost a year, and still no happy news about Louise. However, one day, her rescuer finally posted the happiest one on her Instagram profile: “Finally found a home for Louise!”

a girl holds a dog in her arms while sitting in the square
Source: @dogs_armavir

Her life’s struggle lasted a long time, but in the end, it all paid off because this suffering family had its happiest ending.