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Mama Dog Abandoned On A Deserted Road Struggled To Survive Until Her Amazing Rescuers Came To Help

Mama Dog Abandoned On A Deserted Road Struggled To Survive Until Her Amazing Rescuers Came To Help

A pet should be a rightful part of your family – one who should be cherished and loved all its life, no matter what. 

But, sadly, not all people think that way. For whatever reason, some heartless owners decide to dump their dog on the street like it never belonged to them. 

This is exactly what happened to this beautiful dog mom and her three babies. 

All of a sudden, the four of them found themselves abandoned on a deserted road with no one and nothing in sight to help them. 

The poor mom was desperate to keep her puppies alive, but without food and proper shelter, their days were numbered. 

Coming To The Rescue 

A local animal rescuer found them on a deserted road begging for help. They were dumped in a single cardboard box on a very hot day. 

The poor puppies were way too young to be outside in such hot weather. They were all exhausted and desperate for shelter. 

Writing this, it simply breaks my heart to even think about this poor little family. I will never understand how someone can do something like this.

The kind-hearted rescuer immediately picked up the whole family and brought them to the shelter. 

She decided to name the mother Gina, who she quickly noticed was very smart. Gina enjoyed being petted, caressed, and loved after the horrible experience she went through. 

The little puppies wasted no time in befriending other pups their age in the house, eagerly devouring the food they were finally given.

It was heart-wrenching to see how hungry they were.

More Heartbreak  

Sadly, the hard times were still not over for this little family. That same night, after being rescued, the puppies started to vomit a lot. 

No one knew what was wrong with them, so they quickly rushed them all to the vet to be checked out. 

It turned out that they had inflammatory bowel disease and their current condition was very critical.

All three of them looked very lethargic and in pain. Sadness washed over their little faces. 

The doctors tried to do everything they could to save them, but sadly, for the two puppies, Loy and Pinky, the disease was too much to handle. They crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully in the rescuer’s arms. 

They left the world knowing that someone loved them after all. 

Aisi, the only puppy left, was still fighting for her life. She received a blood transfusion and was constantly monitored by the vet. 

During all this time, her rescuer refused to leave her side. She watched and prayed over her, hoping that she would survive. 

Thankfully, her tears and prayers seemed to pay off, and Aisi slowly started to feel better. Soon, she was out of danger and was even able to sit up, which was a major improvement. 

Finally, A Happy Ending

The mother dog, Gina, ended up finding her own forever family – one that would never abandon her again. 

It was a very kind family that loved her very much. After everything she had been through, it was finally time for little Gina to be happy. Better days lay ahead for her.

The only puppy that survived – Aisa – went to live with her rescuer. She fell in love with her and couldn’t let her go somewhere else. 

Aisa now lives in a happy and loving home, surrounded by many other furry friends to play with. All the hardships are behind her.

Hopefully, her past is long forgotten, and now she knows only love and happiness.