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Dog Abandoned Near Factory Leaves Rescuers Shocked By Her Big Secret

Dog Abandoned Near Factory Leaves Rescuers Shocked By Her Big Secret

When I think about dog rescuers, I usually imagine several hard-working people who spend their entire day taking care of animals in a shelter, going outside, and trying to find new rescues.

However, while it’s amazing that these organizations exist, I came to realize that this power is in everyone’s hands.

We have the ability to save dogs and it doesn’t take much to help them get a new life. All they want is a warm home and someone who cares for them.

In this story, we will talk about a pregnant dog who was abandoned by her owner and just wanted a second chance.

A Very Sad Story

pregnant dog
Source: The Moho

After a group of rescuers were notified about an abandoned dog who was left by her owners near a factory, they were shocked.

They quickly came to help her and found out that she was indeed really sweet and was constantly wagging her tail after meeting them.

She was also pregnant, and there was a good chance that she was going to give birth soon, so they needed to do something for her.

As for her previous owners, they had just decided to leave her because they didn’t want to raise puppies.

close-up photo of pregnant dog
Source: The Moho

Nevertheless, she was safe now. Her rescuers helped take the dog, now named Angel, to a clinic where she had an X-ray to see if everything was okay.

She was going to give birth soon to three puppies. When it started, the vets and her rescuers were there every step of the way to make sure everything went well.

In the end, Angel had three healthy babies and was really exhausted from everything. Despite this, she remained a very caring mother who always took care of her kids.

A Complete Change For The Family

dog and puppies
Source: The Moho

Days went by, and it became apparent that Angel was a very good mom despite the fact that this was her first time having babies.

Their rescuers tended to their every need, and the dog family was always happy to see them. It looked like everything was going to be okay.

After about two months, everything was different. The puppies had grown up a lot, and it was already time for their vaccinations.

This was a big milestone as it meant that they were going to be placed on an adoption list soon enough.

photo of dog with puppies
Source: The Moho

They were very playful and would spend most of their days just running around and enjoying their life.

It’s like they never run out of energy. One thing they like doing in particular is teasing their mom by misbehaving, and she is always there to correct them. They are just so adorable to see. 

While we don’t have any information on what happens next, I am certain that they will all soon find their new families and go into a forever home with someone special.