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Dog Abandoned In A Tornado Waits 6 Hours For His Owner To Return To The Same Spot Where He Was Left

Dog Abandoned In A Tornado Waits 6 Hours For His Owner To Return To The Same Spot Where He Was Left

Pete’s life was everything but sweet. 

When this sweet boi got out of the car on a cold, rainy day, never in his worst dreams could he imagine that would be the last time he would see his owner. Then, the door closed, the man drove away, and Pete got left in confusion.

For things to be worse, he sat there for six straight hours, moments before a Tornado warning came out.

Pete Survived Shocking Circumstances

dog on road
Source: @theanimalpad

A witness reached out to The Heroic Tail Rescue, from San Diego, California, when they saw Pete. There was a man throwing him out of the car on the road, but instead of driving away immediately, he stayed in the car and slept there for a while.

That’s when the real tragedy happened!

A passing truck hit Pete, which made the kind person confront the owner. Even though the owner claimed that he didn’t give up on his dog, he drove away only minutes later, and he never came back!

“A car had hit Pete and he was laying on the side of the road getting rained on. This person was trying to help him but couldn’t get close because Pete would growl and bark at him,” The Heroic Tail Dog Rescue wrote in an Instagram post.

dog in bushes
Source: @theanimalpad

In the meantime, the kind passerby tried contacting animal control as well. 

When they arrived at the scene, they realized that Pete, due to his trauma, was quite aggressive. They didn’t know how to get him with all that fear aggression he displayed, so they pepper sprayed him.

cute brown dog
Source: @theanimalpad

The THTR team, who didn’t have enough space at their facility at the time, contacted their friends at The Animal Pad, another California rescue based in San Diego. The rest, as they say, is history!

Lauren and Elli-Ana made it to the spot immediately, when they learned the sad truth.

“The dog chased after the car and when the car didn’t stop, he came back to the same place he was left and waited. He waited for 6 hours before we were made aware, and when we arrived, he was still there, in that same exact spot.” the rescuers wrote in an Instagram post.

During the first couple of attempts to catch him, Pete ran off and hid in a ditch on a nearby hill. Then, they attempted to lure him with some delicious food. After hours of trying, Pete slowly approached them – and melted in their arms!

Underneath his aggressive demeanor was an innocent, puppy-like dog who finally learned the true meaning of someone being gentle to him. He sat there, enjoying the company of his two hooman heroes, while they tried to secure him with a catchpole.

adorable dog giving paw
Source: @theanimalpad

His body was all covered in cactus thorns, which was the result of his hiding in the bushes. But, despite all that, Pete raised his paw, as if he was saying: “Here, I’m all yours. Take me somewhere safe!”

And, safe he was!

A Brand-New Boi Awaits A Brand-New Journey

happy brown dog
Source: @theanimalpad

The team hid from the upcoming Tornado, after which they secured Pete a nice, cozy room at Lauren’s. 

It took this gorgeous boi only days to finally open up and come out of his shell with Lauren. He was genuinely an amazing dog who had all this extra energy. But, the problem was, he’s still not quite confident and comfortable around other people.

“Can’t blame him after what he’s been through, and that’s just the part we know. He’ll get there, I have no doubt, but for now, he’s happy and loved,” The Animal Pad wrote on Instagram.

Katie, the founder of The Heroic Tail Rescue, has been more than happy to work with Pete and help him get there faster. When the process of his re-socialization and decompressing is finally done, Pete will be ready to go into a forever home.

For now, he’s building toward perfection, and I’m absolutely pawsitive that he’ll soon be an amazing companion to an amazing owner!