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This Doberman’s Reaction To Getting A Back Scratch Will Absolutely Make Your Day

This Doberman’s Reaction To Getting A Back Scratch Will Absolutely Make Your Day

Dogs can just be absolutely hilarious sometimes. All of them have wonderful personalities that they put on display in our daily lives.

Sometimes, some of them will have a very funny habit that is easily overlooked by most people but will absolutely brighten someone’s day.

In this story, we will talk about a sweet Doberman who always had a very funny reaction to getting a back scratch, and it’s just really funny.

A Very Relaxing Scratch

As already stated, habits make up our daily lives and they often make it better in more ways than one. 

For one funny dog named Cowboy, his favorite routine is getting up every morning, going to his mom, and then asking her politely to scratch his back.

What could be so hilarious about that? Well, normally, nothing, as every dog likes an occasional scratching or belly rub every once in a while.

However, what makes this one stick out is Cowboy’s reaction to receiving it. He immediately starts smiling and is always so happy.

dog showing teeths
Source: TikTok

On other occasions, however, he brings any toy he can find and starts wiggling his butt to tell his owner that it’s time for his favorite routine.

Seeing his face when his mom is scratching his back always makes me laugh, and it’s small things like this that we really love about our furry friends.

His mom thought it would be a good idea to record it and post it on TikTok. It’s safe to say that the video got a lot of positive attention and reactions.

A Positive Response On TikTok

Normally, videos of dogs doing strange things on the internet can sometimes cause a bit of a hasty response from some people.

However, in the case of this video, people were delighted and amused by Cowboy’s funny routine and decided to comment on their own thoughts.

One commenter said: “My dobie would do that when I came home! I miss that girl everyday!

While it may seem a common thing among Dobermans, almost all dogs like back scratches every once in a while.

Another person posted: ”Waking up and finding you? That would be nice lol, my pain in the butt just rolls over and I am there lol. so sweet!

Okay, so not all of our furry friends are the same, but that’s okay. They more than make up for it by being our best friends all the time.

And lastly, one person simply said: “The cutest good morning!

I wholeheartedly agree with this assessment and believe that these funny little routines can be a cause for a lot of great memories and bonding time with our dogs.

In the end, the whole event brought a lot of people to share their own experiences with dogs who like back scratches. It’s really good to see how they unite us in such simple ways.