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Doberman With A Genetic Disorder Was Abandoned By Her Owners But She Continued Waiting For Them

Doberman With A Genetic Disorder Was Abandoned By Her Owners But She Continued Waiting For Them

When Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue group based in Los Angeles, California, received a text message from Tania Balah regarding an abandoned Doberman, they immediately headed over to the location.

Katie McKittrick, one of the rescuers, brought a leash as well as a hamburger, knowing that they would make the rescuer so much easier.

The Doberman was loyally waiting for her hoomans, thinking that they would come back for her at any moment, but they never did.

Luckily, she was in good hands now.

Rescue Mission

woman holds a dog on a leash
Source: Youtube

Katie and another rescuer, Tania, approached the pup, now named Florence, as gently as they could so that they wouldn’t startle her.

They offered her the hamburger because they knew she would be starving. The hamburger also served as a great way to gain her trust, allowing the rescuers to slip a leash over her head, and later, put her into the crate.

woman found abandoned dog
Source: Youtube

This rescue mission was pretty smooth, and Florence was safe and sound on the way to the vet in no time.

At The Vet

As soon as the California rescue brought Florence to the vet, she was scanned for a microchip.

Not being able to find one, the vets knew that they had to get this pretty girl all nice and clean so that she could look her best and find a new home.  

doberman under the blanket
Source: Youtube

After her bubble bath, the vet conducted some medical exams and discovered something interesting.

Florence’s bloodwork showed that she was born with a genetic disorder known as Von Willebrand’s disease.

Von Willebrand’s disease is a very common inherited bleeding disorder caused by a deficiency or dysfunction of the Von Willebrand factor – a protein essential for proper blood clotting.

In dogs, VWD affects the platelets’ ability to form clots and stop bleeding.

Von Willebrand’s disease can lead to prolonged bleeding from surgeries or even minor injuries and, in severe cases, spontaneous bleeding from the nose, gums, or other areas.

woman plays with doberman
Source: Youtube

Luckily, a blood transfusion and a laparoscopic spray were all that was needed to ensure that this sweet girl was happy and healthy.

Being such a beautiful pup, Florence was noticed by the incredible hoomans of the Los Angeles Animal Rescue who offered to provide her with a loving foster home.

Florence is now living a happy life with her new hoomans and her four-legged siblings.

doberman playing with man
Source: Youtube

She loves spending her time running around in the sun, playing with her toys, as well as cuddling up for a nice nap.

I am sure that she will be able to find a loving home in no time that will provide her with everything she needs and so much more.

Final Word

Abandoning dogs is a serious issue that keeps occurring over and over again.

A lot of hoomans keep forgetting that animals have feelings, too, and that abandoning them not only exposes them to suffering, health hazards, and safety risks but also to depression and trust issues.

So, if you are no longer able to provide for your animals for whatever reason, please surrender them to your local shelter and offer them a second chance at life.

They deserve it.