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A Doberman Breaks The Stereotype Of His Breed By Looking Adorable Cuddled Up In His Blankets

A Doberman Breaks The Stereotype Of His Breed By Looking Adorable Cuddled Up In His Blankets

Dash, a very handsome Doberman, loves to live a life of luxury. One of the things he prioritizes in life the most is coziness.

He prioritizes it so much that he refuses to sleep unless he is tightly wrapped up in one of his favorite blankets.

One Cozy Dog

doberman laying on cozy blanket
Source: TikTok

Being a professional napper isn’t an easy job to have in this fast world. Luckily, Dash has a loving mom who accepts him for who he is and is happy to oblige all of his sleepy wishes.

“Dash is truly just a giant baby. I think he loves the blankets because he loves to be comfy. That’s really what it comes down to. If he’s not being cuddled or shown affection, I think being swaddled in a blanket is the next best thing for him,” Dash’s mom, Leila Adams, told The Dodo.

doberman with orange fluffy costume
Source: TikTok

Leila’s heart is filled with joy when she sees Dash completely nestled up in all of his blankets with only his adorable face peeking out.

“It melts my heart. Mainly because he looks so at peace and relaxed, but also because it makes me happy to know that we can provide these small luxuries to our dogs and really give them the best life we can,” she added.

Breaking The Stereotypes

Since Dash started showing off this adorable little trait to the family, Leila thought it would be a good idea to let the whole world know not only what a handsome boy he is, but also to break the myth about Dobermans being an aggressive breed.  

So, she took to her social media platforms, showing off Dash as a couch potato, a blanket burrito, and any other cute sleeping position this dog may get into.

Leila really took on the role of breaking the stereotypes about Dobermans seriously.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about them being inherently dangerous, which just aren’t true. We shouldn’t judge a dog based on the breed, but rather by the way the dog actually behaves,” she stated.

funny doberman
Source: TikTok

Just like Pitbulls, Dobermans are also subjected to prejudices based on their looks as well as their history since they have been bred to be military and police dogs. It is also believed that they are big bullies toward other dogs, which is simply not true.

Any dog can become aggressive if it hasn’t been properly cared for, and it is obvious that this pup knows nothing but being a sweet and sleepy boy who loves his family very much.

“There’s really something so fulfilling and indescribable about the unconditional love that dogs give. Dash has impacted everyone in our household and has changed all our lives for the better,” Leila concluded.

Final Word

May this story be a reminder to all that there is no such thing as an aggressive dog breed.

Every dog is born with a heart big enough to fit in the entire world. Unfortunately, some dogs do not have a happy life, and get used to defending themselves, not knowing who to trust. It is our duty to remind them that we are their friends and that they are worthy of love, too.