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The Real Truth On The Question Do Dogs Like Being Pet

The Real Truth On The Question Do Dogs Like Being Pet

I love that feeling when I come home after a long day and pet my dog. Doing this makes me feel so close to my dog. I am sure many of you share this feeling with me.

But, have you ever wondered: do dogs like being pet? I am sure most of you think that they certainly like being pet.

After all, almost all of our dogs wait for us to come home, and they strike a pose like they are trying to tell you: Come on, pet me now!

So, most people are entirely sure that our furry companions adore being petted by their owners. But, are things as simple as this?

Let’s find out whether there is something more behind petting a dog.

Do Dogs Like Being Pet?

woman pets puppy sitting in her arms

Your favorite dog is always waiting for you to come home from work. He is behind your front door, wagging his tail, and waiting for his favorite person to finally come home.

Dogs are not the favorite pets of so many people without a good reason. These animals are so affectionate, loving, and gentle, that I simply can’t imagine somebody would dislike dogs!

So, the moment you see your dog waiting for you, you instinctively start to pet him. The dog seems so happy and doesn’t want to leave your side.

This is probably your common way of greeting your dog. And, it seems that your dog is perfectly fine with it, too!

So, this has to mean that your dog loves when you pet him, right? Yes, indeed. Dogs do like being pet. 

After all, a dog would walk away from you, and it would clearly show you if he didn’t like you petting him!

Why Do Dogs Like Being Pet?

man pets his dog outdoors

Dogs love to receive attention from their owners. Many dogs like when their owners talk to them, while many others prefer when they cuddle up with their favorite humans.

Petting is not just a way to give your dog your attention; this is also a way for your dog to feel your great affection towards him.

By petting your dog, you can also show him how you missed him while you were away from home. 

Treats and toys are an excellent way of positive reinforcement for your dog, but did you know that you can also reward your dog by petting him? By doing this, you are showing your dog that he has done something good, and that you are proud of him.

Therefore, petting can also be a great training method for your dog. 

Do All Dogs Like Being Pet?

owner pets his dog in the park

Most dogs will enjoy it while you pet them. But, when you first start living with your new puppy, you should not force this.

Give your dog some time to start trusting you, and to feel comfortable around you. You can start to pet him a bit, and to see how he reacts.

With time passing, most dogs will get used to you, and will like to have you as their owners. They might even rub their face against you to show you that they are ready for a lot of petting!

However, not all dogs will do this, no matter how much time passes. Believe it or not, there are some dogs that don’t actually like to be petted.

Simply, these dogs don’t have a need to receive this form of affection from their owners. This is not something related to a certain dog breed – any dog can dislike petting. 

This might sound weird, and many dog owners could even worry whether something is wrong with their dogs.

What To Do If My Dog Doesn’t Like Being Pet?

You shouldn’t do anything if your dog doesn’t like being pet. Simply, this is your dog’s nature, and you should accept it.

There are still plenty of other ways for your dog and you to spend quality time together. No matter how much you would love to cuddle with your dog, if your dog doesn’t show the same desire, you should not force him.

Your dog will still know you love him very much, even without petting time.

The important thing is to recognize signs that your dog doesn’t like to be petted. A dog that doesn’t like petting will pop his head out when you put your hands over his body. 

Also, he might look away, or even move away from you. A dog that doesn’t want you to pet him might also growl, or snap his teeth at you.

Remember that, even if your dog doesn’t like for you to pet him, this does not mean that he doesn’t like you.

I am sure you know at least one person that doesn’t like to hug, kiss, or show any kinds of affection towards you. But, I am also sure that this is not a bad person, or a person that doesn’t love you – maybe this person simply doesn’t like to show feelings in common ways!

So, your dog might be like this. He might not like petting, but I am sure he loves you very much. This doesn’t mean your dog is not affectionate and loving – it just means he has some other, his own ways to show love.

What To Be Careful About While Petting A Dog?

woman pets her dog on the couch

Your dog probably likes to be petted, but it is important to understand that dogs have certain preferences when it comes to petting.

Something all dogs enjoy the most are belly rubs! Also, dogs love when you pet them on the chest, shoulders, and the area between the ears.

Just as there are parts of the body that dogs love to be petted by their owners, there are also sensitive parts of their bodies where petting is not recommended. Therefore, you should not pet your dog on the muzzle, tip of the tail, paws, and ears.

Your dog might enjoy when you pet his belly, but this does not have to be the case with other people. To let somebody pet their belly, dogs first need to trust that person deeply.

I am sure you want other people to be careful when it comes to petting your dog. Well, I remind you to do the same thing.

Personally, I have a hard time resisting petting every dog I encounter while walking! What can I do – when all of them are so cute and irresistible.

But, I don’t do this, because I don’t want to scare a dog I don’t know. I suggest you do act like this, too. You cannot know that an unknown dog will react positively to your petting.

Also, you cannot know if the dog you encountered during a walk is a well-behaved and a socialized dog. We all know how important puppy socialization is, but you cannot tell for sure if other dog owners are responsible as you try to be.

So, if you want to pet an unknown dog, you can do this, but first you should ask the dog owner for permission.


So, do dogs like being pet? They must do, because, who wouldn’t? Petting is such a great way for an owner and a dog to bond, and for you to give attention, and to show affection towards your favorite pet.

Most dogs enjoy petting indeed. They love to lie on their backs, show you their belly, and wait for you to pet them as long as you can!

Still, not all dogs are like this. It might be hard to imagine, but certain dogs actually dislike petting. They will show you this with their body language, so, I suggest you not force your dog if he is not crazy about petting.

Also, always be careful to avoid some sensitive parts of your dog’s body, like the muzzle, ears, and paws, while you are petting them.

In the end, no matter how much your dog enjoys while you pet him, this does not mean that all the other dogs will enjoy it in the same way.

Dogs that don’t know you might be distrustful of you, and might not be happy about your attempt to try to pet them.

Therefore, give your dog as many pets as he wants, but don’t ever be too pushy with unknown dogs.