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Scared And Distrustful Shelter Dog Gets Rescued Moments Before His Scheduled Euthanasia

Scared And Distrustful Shelter Dog Gets Rescued Moments Before His Scheduled Euthanasia

Dogs are not meant to live in overcrowded shelters. They should soak up their parents’ love and explore the world freely, reveling in its beauty.

Pine was one of the frightened stray dogs who lacked human affection and kindness in his life.

He was in need of a calm, loving home and a wonderful family who would show him endless love and compassion. 

Unfortunately, Pine found himself in a noisy and stressful environment after he was admitted to the California shelter. 

The doggo started showing signs of kennel stress. Pine was nervous around people, and he kept jumping and spinning in his kennel. 

Sadly, since the shelter had no resources to train him, the beautiful pup was placed on the euthanasia list.

Fighting To Save The Precious Dog

The staffers loved the gorgeous pup, and they started fighting to save him. They knew that patience and love were all that he needed in order to get rid of his fears and distrust.

Apart from his shelter friends, Pine had an army of people who were rooting for him. 

Rescue Lyfe posted about the dog on social media and succeeded in finding him a great foster.

The shelter staff reached out to the rescuers at The Animal Rescue of California, asking them to save Pine’s life. 

Aware of the urgency, the rescue team immediately rushed to pull the pup from the shelter.

Fortunately, Pine was rescued in time. Both his shelter friends and well-wishers breathed a sigh of relief.

While the volunteers were waiting for Pine’s paperwork to be completed, they worked with the pooch, trying to restore his faith in humans.

Despite still being scared, Pine started making progress.

Discovering Love In Foster Home

The kind volunteers drove the pup to Palm Springs where he met Brittany, his foster mom, and Kirk, the founder of the rescue.

Although the pup was still skittish, he let Kirk stroke him as soon as he met him.

Both Brittany and Kirk were certain that the doggo would blossom into a confident and joyful canine.

Pine was glad to move into his foster home. He had a room for himself in order to fully decompress.

After the pup settled in, he met Brittany’s dog, Marvel. The two dogs had a lot of fun playing together.

Once Pine realized that he was not going back to the shelter, he started feeling better. 

Thanks to the affection that his foster mom gave him, and Marvel’s support, Pine began building up his confidence. 

His sweet face became adorned with a smile, and his eyes sparkled with joy.

As much as he enjoys spending time with his foster mom and her dog, Pine longs to find his place under the sun.

He wishes to live in his own home, surrounded with his forever family.

We hope that Pine will soon meet his humans, who will adore him and show him how beautiful life can be.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who fought to save Pine’s life. Because of you, the pooch enjoys his freedom and dreams of getting his happy ending.