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Disabled Pup Has The Most Adorable Response When He Hears His Mom Say “I Love You”

Disabled Pup Has The Most Adorable Response When He Hears His Mom Say “I Love You”

The moment Bre and Amanda saw Marv for the very first time, they fell in love with him. The pup’s smiling face was adorable and he was absolutely irresistible.

They adopted him through A Purposeful Rescue, located in Los Angeles, California. Marv is a disabled pup, and he can’t stand or walk. It’s still not clear what kind of genetic disorder he has. 

Giving Him A Lot Of Love

Ever since Bre and Amanda brought Marv to his forever home, they did their best to make him feel comfortable, safe, and adored.

They took great care of him and they were determined to give him the best possible life.

His teeth are overcrowded, and since his tongue doesn’t leave his mouth, he can’t eat like other dogs. His family feeds him with a spoon like a baby and gives him water with a syringe. 

Marv quickly fell in love with his parents and he always wants to be with them. His parents love his way of communicating.

If he’s lying in his bed and if he feels like he is left out, Marv will make some noise and look around, wondering where his parents are.

Affectionate Marv

Whenever Bre tells him that he loves him, he responds with the cutest little squeaks while looking at her with his sweet eyes. 

He also has an endearing way of showing his mom that he loves her, too.

“When he is trying to be affectionate with me, if I have my hands or fingers resting near his face, he will gently nibble on my fingertips,” said Bre.

Marv gets a lot of love from his grandparents and they like to jump in whenever Bre and Amanda need some help.

Marv has doggy siblings who love him and take care of him, too. They like sniffing him and giving him kisses. Marv soaks up that love and he feels like the happiest pup.

Helping Each Other

Bre, herself, got diagnosed with an autoimmune muscle disease. She credits Marv for saving her.

“I had realized a lot of my own physical limitations, and Marv and I can relate to that. We sit together on the couch. I talk to him like he’s a person and I hold him and we understand each other,” said Bre.

The adorable pooch brought so much joy to his parents’ life and he makes them smile every day.

“He just feeds your soul and makes you feel needed. And everybody wants to feel needed,” Amanda said.

Marv has an arched spine and a curved neck. Bre and Amanda had taken him to many vets and they all agreed that Marv is not in pain. 

“He has the most movement in his rear legs but not enough strength to use his wheelchair. We hope one day he will be strong enough to do that so he may have more independence. Either way he will be spoiled and loved,” his mom wrote on Instagram.

His parents do stretching exercises with him many times a day, and they often turn him so that he doesn’t stay in the same position for too long.  

Since Marv has overcrowded teeth, his parents have been considering having some of his teeth removed. However, before moving forward with any dental procedures, they want to talk to a neurologist. They want to be completely sure that anesthesia would be safe for Marv.

Marv enjoys his life in Southern California. The cute pooch often shares fun and sweet moments from his everyday life on his Instagram account. He loves snuggling with his parents and his doggy siblings on the couch.