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Kind-Hearted Detroit Rescuers Save A Pittie Sitting In The Middle Of The Road

Kind-Hearted Detroit Rescuers Save A Pittie Sitting In The Middle Of The Road

Rescuing dogs is never an easy task, especially when they are frightened. This is usually caused by continuous abuse from their owners or people on the street.

In situations like this, it is best to call professionals who know how to properly help and find a new home for them. It also means avoiding potential injury if dealing with an aggressive dog.

For this story, we will talk about a scared Pittie who was found in the middle of the road, just barking and hoping that someone would notice him and help.

Scared Dog Sitting On The Road

dog on a chain
Source: Youtube

When Cheryl first stumbled upon Cardi B, it was on a very snowy day in downtown Detroit. She noticed that the dog was just sitting there on the road, and not moving an inch.

Completely confused by this, she decided to stop and help her. It was really cold and she needed someone who would take her to a safe place.

Right off the bat, Cheryl noticed that the dog was very scared and kept barking at her the whole time she was with her.

dog on the street
Source: Youtube

She tried getting her to calm down by talking to her, and she spent a whole hour just standing nearby in hopes that Cardi would realize that Cheryl was not a threat.

One thing that caught her eye was that this dog had some kind of collar around her neck, which meant that she had likely escaped from her home.

Time was moving, but Cheryl and a few other people were nowhere close to helping Cardi slow down and calm down.

Cardi Is Finally Safe And Off The Streets

dog eats with woman behind
Source: Youtube

Another rescuer from Detroit, Trina, joined in and brought some food for Cardi to eat because they thought that was the best way to catch her.

And, it turned out to be true. She started eating her food, and the rescuers slowly placed a leash on her.

However, when they did that, she immediately started panicking and trying to get it off her. After a few minutes, Trina managed to help her calm down and she was finally relieved.

Now that the rescue was finally over and Cardi was safe, they had to finally find a new home for her.

dog looking at candle in man's hands
Source: Youtube

One of the rescuers managed to find someone pretty quickly to foster her. However, Cardi’s new dad, Joseph, did not agree with that solution.

He wanted to adopt her. The two have a very special bond and there was no way that he was letting her go. Morgan, Cardi’s new mom, agreed and she now finally has a forever home.

The family just adores her so much. In their care, she blossomed into a beautiful dog who loves playing, cuddling, and exploring new environments. 

Her rescuers were so amazing for finding her such a wonderful family who will take care of her and bring her a lot of joy.