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A Delightful Pup Who Was Surrendered To A Shelter Finds A Perfect Forever Home

A Delightful Pup Who Was Surrendered To A Shelter Finds A Perfect Forever Home

It’s saddening to think about the disappointment that some dogs deal with after they realize that their owners don’t love them like they deserve.

Because of their owners who fail to cherish them, the canines feel sorrowful and unable to enjoy life.

Willie was one of the dogs who deserved to be adored, but sadly, his owners didn’t give him love, and they surrendered him to Humane Educational Society – a shelter located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Feeling rejected and lonely, the pooch wished to experience true love with his whole heart.

A Wonderful Human Spots Hank

In 2018, a woman named Jennifer was looking for a dog after her Basset Hound crossed the rainbow bridge. 

One day, she was watching a local news show that was featuring adoptable pets in local shelters. A sweet pup with short little legs named Willie immediately caught her attention.

Jennifer fell in love with him. She went to the Tennessee shelter and took the delightful pup home.

She changed the dog’s name to Hank because it suited him more.

Jennifer doesn’t know exactly what happened to Hank, but she suspects that he had been abused.

“… Hank showed signs of having been abused when I adopted him. It took a long time for him to stop rolling over on his back, squealing, and bracing himself when all I did was mildly scold him by pointing my finger and saying, ‘No,’” Jennifer wrote in a comment on Instagram.

She gave him a lot of love and helped him get over his past. When Hank realized that his new mom adored him, he started trusting her. 

He turned into a happy dog who couldn’t stop wagging his tail. Jennifer became Hank’s favorite human, and the two of them built a strong bond.

Hank’s Adorable Personality

The adorable doggo brings a lot of joy to his family. 

“He thinks he’s funny. And you can just tell that because he smiles when he runs and does things to make us laugh,” Jennifer told GeoBeats Animals

The precious pup doesn’t like receiving kisses, and he barks every time his mom tries to kiss him.

On the other hand, he enjoys covering his mom in sweet kisses whenever she gets near him.

Hank stole the heart of Penny – a sweet pup who lives across the street. He sits on the couch like a person, and looks out the window with his gaze fixed to Penny’s house. 

As soon as he sees her coming to their sidewalk, Hank rushes outside to give her kisses.

Sometimes, he even falls asleep on the couch while waiting for her to come out of her house. Hank’s doggy sibling, Gunther, often joined Hank on the couch, and they both waited for Penny.

Living His Best Life

Jennifer was by Hank’s side, as he overcame his past and began revealing layers of his wonderful personality.

“Watching him blossom into the big personality that he is now is something I’ve never experienced before… I hate that he spent the first year or two of his life not happy because he doesn’t deserve that. He is the most amazing creature I’ve ever met in my life,” she added.

Jennifer welcomed another shelter pup named Bo to her home after her beloved pup, Gunther, went to doggy heaven. 

Hank and Bo get along well and they love each other dearly. They live their best lives in their forever home. 

Hank posts great reels on his Instagram account. The precious pup likes spending time with his mom, taking naps, and playing with Bo and Penny.

We’re happy that Hank left his rough past behind him and that he found the love that he always wished for.