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Deaf Mama And Her Blind Puppy Were Trying Their Best To Survive On A Dangerous Riverbank

Deaf Mama And Her Blind Puppy Were Trying Their Best To Survive On A Dangerous Riverbank

Some truly heartbreaking stories turn out to have the most beautiful endings.

When Mama Storm, a deaf dog, and her tiny baby, little Puddles, were first found near a dangerous river stream, hope was the last thing they knew. Cruelly abandoned by someone and left there to fend for themselves, they had no help whatsoever.

All they had in life was each other. The mom was his eyes, and he was her ears. Distressed, traumatized, and lacking safety, these two pups were a sheer example of human neglect.

What Storm and Puddles didn’t know at the time was that their destiny was about to take an unexpected turn!

Heartbreaking Sight

Prue, the long-time rescuer and giant-hearted animal lover of Mission Pawsible, was shocked when she first saw Storm and Puddles. She was absolutely devastated to see dogs being left in such inhumane conditions.

“It’s truly unbelievable how I can continue to stumble upon abandoned animals in the most confusing locations,” Prue wrote on Instagram.

With a group of fellow volunteers, she immediately initiated a rescue mission to save the dogs from a dangerous bank.

Puddles, being only months old, was extremely distressed and wary of strangers. He growled and barked the entire time, refusing to be picked up. Fortunately, he was “frozen” in a little corner and didn’t move, which made his rescue quite easy.

Mama Storm, on the other hand, had no reaction whatsoever. She was faced toward the river the entire time, looking down the stream with no reaction to the people behind her. She was completely heartbroken.

She didn’t mind being petted or picked up by the rescuers. It was as if she somehow knew that from now on, everything would be fine.

Prue and the team put the dogs in a crate and loaded them in a car. The next stop was her home, where she already fostered dozens of other dogs.

During the first couple of days, Storm and Puddles had a hard time adapting to the new environment. With their ongoing issues, Prue knew that this little family would need a suitable foster home and full-time care.

Then, the most amazing thing happened!

Off To A New Start

Tara, a rescuer from Florida, learned the story of Storm and Puddles, and she immediately agreed to welcome them into her home. Her little daughter, Raven, was extremely excited to have new buds in her life – and the wonderful journey began!

During those fostering months, Tara and Raven helped the dogs come out of their shells. Within weeks, they were brand-new canines who absolutely loved their new environment and the fact that they had a spacious yard to play in.

Then, the incredible news arrived!

Mama Storm was adopted into a wonderful family who provided her with lots of love. She has cat siblings and absolutely enjoys being the family’s princess!

“She found an incredible home where she is now the little princess,” Prue told Cuddle Buddies.

Her baby, Puddles, had several unsuccessful attempts to find a forever home. He’s been in foster care since his early puppyhood, and now he’s a fully-grown boi!

“Puddles is a huge love muffin. Dopey, clumsy and oh so lovable. Being partially blind he needs time to trust you (like all blind dogs). But once he knows your voice, smell and touch he will be your couch cuddler for life,” MP wrote on Instagram.

Eventually, Puddles found his peace next to Tara and Raven in their Florida home, who accepted him as their new family member. Today, he enjoys car rides, endless playtime, and exciting adventures thoughtfully planned by his hooman sister.

After all the storms and puddles in their lives, these two lovebugs are finally on the right track – and they will never look back!