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Deaf Dog Was Adopted After 553 Days In The Shelter, Today She Hears Everything With Her Heart

Deaf Dog Was Adopted After 553 Days In The Shelter, Today She Hears Everything With Her Heart

Shelters, and especially the street, are not the best places for dogs. Unfortunately, many of them are forced to live in places like this until they meet their happy ending.

Just one dog felt what this means for a good part of her life. Butterfly came to the shelter in Chicago after being exploited for breeding and spending several years as a stray.

On top of that, she had to spend over 500 days in that same shelter. That was until her life changed completely one day.

She Truly Transformed Into A Butterfly

Butterfly was around five years old when she came to the Chicago shelter as a stray. When she arrived, she was 17 pounds overweight and suffering from severe anxiety. She also had one hidden problem that went under the shelter’s radar.

Spending over one year in a shelter and being burdened with numerous health problems was not easy to endure, but this strong girl went through it all heroically.

And, it was truly worth the wait because after 553 days, the sun finally shone on Butterfly. After so much time, and everyone turning their heads away from her, Sue Naiden, president of the Trio Animal Foundation, was shaken by Butterfly’s difficult fate and decided to foster her. 

“When people find out that a dog has been at a shelter for such a long duration of time, they assume that something is wrong with them,” Sue told Newsweek

She decided on this move because she knew that Butterfly could potentially spend her whole life in the four walls of that kennel. It soon turned out that it was one of the best decisions in her life.

After undergoing numerous treatments as well as dental surgery, it was clear that Butterfly was truly enjoying her new life. 

She was over the moon when her foster mom would take her for a walk. She was also well accepted by other dogs, and was in particularly good relations with TAF’s therapy dog team who helped her adapt to the new environment the most. 

Above all, Butterfly and Naiden created a strong bond.

“There was something special about Butterfly,” said Naiden. However, the best came when her foster mom actually realized that this dog was deaf.

Her Inability Became A Blessing

“We have come to find out that Butterfly is very hard at hearing or maybe even deaf,” Trio Animal Foundation wrote in their Facebook post. “You can stand right behind her, make a loud noise, and she doesn’t turn around.”

Soon after that, they realized that Butterfly was not just a little hearing impaired, but that she was completely deaf. It was then clear to Naiden why Butterfly was always so calm in the presence of other dogs, especially when they bark loudly.

But then, the idea dawned on her that this condition of hers doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, but a gift that can completely change her life. Thanks to this “gift”, Butterfly soon became a new member of TAF’s therapy dog ​​team, and probably the most successful one.

In her new professional role, her job is to support smaller dogs who are struggling with confidence. 

“If a little dog is afraid of Butterfly’s size, we know that they would do best in a home with smaller dogs,” said Naiden. 

Also, thanks to her calmness in situations where ordinary dogs could remain anything but still, she played a key role in testing the temperament of larger and more aggressive dogs.

As you can see, her inability to hear barking worked to her advantage, helping her stay calm in high-stress situations where other dogs are either loud or struggling.

“Her staying calm can de-escalate just about any situation,” Naiden said.

And, of course, we saved the best for last. Apart from the fact that her disability brought her “a respectable position in society”, Butterfly finally found a forever home. Naiden officially adopted her, solidifying their incredible bond and giving a special dog the perfect life.

Butterfly still has no hearing, but that’s why she has everything else, and most importantly, those she loves the most around her. 

Today, this special girl hears with her heart.