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This Deaf Dog Just Wanted To Have A Normal Life And Then Everything Changed For Him

This Deaf Dog Just Wanted To Have A Normal Life And Then Everything Changed For Him

Adopting a dog with disabilities is something that doesn’t quite happen often. Most people just see them as a burden.

It’s wrong, but it happens, and it goes without saying that these sweet pups also deserve love and happiness by living in a real home.

However, the world can be a cold place sometimes, and it’s not always fair, but we can all do more to change that ourselves by raising awareness to help these animals.

In this story, we will talk about a couple who decided to adopt a sweet dog who was deaf and give him a new chance to live his life.

Poundcake’s New Home

When a couple from Massachusetts was making a decision on what dog they wanted to adopt, that’s when they first met Poundcake.

He was a deaf dog and didn’t really know how to behave around other humans or even dogs, for that matter.

But, regardless of his disabilities, James and his wife had decided to give him a new home, so they adopted him.

After they took Poundcake to his new house, it was not easy for him to adapt. He was really nervous and even had separation anxiety to a small degree.

Anytime his parents would leave, he would start panicking, so they had to figure out a way to make him more comfortable.

Some time had passed, and Poundcake simply realized that they were never going to abandon him. He was getting more relaxed, and he was no longer feeling anxious.

They would spend a lot of time teaching him many different things, with the most important thing being how to play.

It took a while before he learned how to just enjoy himself and have fun, but he was always so happy to go on new adventures.

The family even used signs to communicate with Poundcake, which was both impressive and important for the future.

Poundcake Has A New Friend

As time went on, his confidence grew, and he was starting to behave like a normal dog. Poundcake was so happy in his new life.

However, something was still missing. The family believed they could do more for him, so they decided to surprise him.

They drove for 12 hours from Massachusetts to New York to adopt a dog who was also deaf, like Poundcake. 

When he met his new dog sibling, Milkshake, he was just over the moon to finally have a new friend.

This dog was a bit different, however, as he was noticeably more confident and outgoing than Poundcake initially was.

That was good news for the family, as Milkshake blended right in with the family. They were so lucky to have him.

Ever since he came into the family, the two dogs have been practically inseparable, and they do everything together.

They take them out to the beach, where they really enjoy running around all the time. When it comes time to go home, they hop into a bed and take a nice, long nap.

It’s really amazing to see just how everything turned out so well for both Poundcake and Milkshake. 

They were both born with disabilities, but they proved that they could overcome all of the obstacles thrown at them and live a normal life.