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A Deaf Dog That Was Born “By Mistake” Becomes The Greatest Joy Of His New Family

A Deaf Dog That Was Born “By Mistake” Becomes The Greatest Joy Of His New Family

In a world where you can hear the noise of tail wagging and heartbeats, the silent struggle of some of our furry companions is being waged. Unfortunately, a few people have an ear for deaf and blind dogs who are usually unwanted because of their disabilities.

Just one Great Dane, at the very beginning of his life, experienced that bitter taste as he came into the world after his breeder made a mistake. As a result, he was born completely deaf and had some other major health problems. 

Although no one believed that this unfortunate dog had any future, Great Dane Rescue did not want to give up on him so easily, so they decided to do everything to save him.

Their persistence paid off when they were contacted by a dog-loving family who could not remain indifferent to his fate. They decided to give him a chance.

Life Full Of Challenges

When Crystal and her family adopted this deaf Great Dane, whom they called Hogan, they knew that a lot of challenges were ahead of them. 

“We’ve done testing ourselves here, dropping things, yelling, calling him from another room,” Crystal said for GeoBeats Animals. “And throughout the months that we had him, we realized that he was also visually impaired.”

Hogan also had major light sensitivity, and was running into cars and falling off curbs regularly. 

However, that did not discourage them from giving him the happiest life. “I just want him to live the fullest life that he can and experience all the things,” Crystal said.  

That’s why his new family first got him Doggles, which improved Hogan’s vision during sunlight hours. But, that wasn’t all. 

“He is trained to come with a vibrating collar that we have,” Crystal proudly said. “So I have the trigger in my hand and he’s wearing a collar and when he feels the vibrate, he’s to come back and check in.” 

Crystal and her family weren’t just buying him various aids with which he could live a more fulfilling life. They also worked with him every day and taught him how to behave like any other dog

“We’ve taught him signs, but we have to use large sign language,” Crystal said. “So much of it we’ve had made up on our own because he’s also visually impaired.”

Little by little, Hogan learned how to sit and stay, come and paw, as well as “away” and “off”. He was becoming more and more like any other pup. 

After some time, it was hard to notice that Hogan was somehow different.    

Unique Happy Soul

From a disabled puppy with no future, Hogan became the happiest dog in the world and his life was finally a blessing. His dearest people became the center of the universe for Hogan. 

“He just wants to be close to you,” Crystal said. “I think he’s very intuitive and he knows what I need when I need it the most and that’s what he gives and portrays.”

Aside from his favorite people, Hogan drew strength from a special relationship with his canine brother, Apollo. Although he didn’t have any disability, Apollo was also a rescue Great Dane, so the two understood each other well and were one another’s greatest support.

His social life didn’t suffer either, as Hogan enjoyed hanging out with other dogs and meeting new friends in the park. That’s how he met his best canine friend, Bruce, with whom he regularly went for walks and had fun.

Not a single day of his new life did Hogan take the smile off his face, and there was no reason for it. Only his family was happier than him, who watched with pride what this deaf Great Dane was able to achieve in his life. This dog became a source of immense joy for them. 

“I feel gracious, we could not be happier, been give the opportunity to adopt this unique soul,” Crystal said in the end. “ He brings a lot of light and happiness into sour lives and he means so much to us.”

When we know that he only needed to be given a chance in life, this story becomes even more special.