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Owners In Shock When They Realize Why Their Deaf Dog Keeps Staring At Broken-Down Truck

Owners In Shock When They Realize Why Their Deaf Dog Keeps Staring At Broken-Down Truck

When an adorable deaf Pit Bull by the name of Evie kept on staring at a broken-down truck, her mom, Allison Thomison, didn’t think much of it.

Since they live on a 300-acre farm in rural Arizona, it was typical for Evie to come across a wild animal like a rattlesnake or Gila monster that she would stare restlessly at.

However, when she refused to take her eyes off the truck Thomison’s husband was working on, her hooman decided to go and investigate.

Shocking Discovery

dog sitting next to a truck
Source: TikTok

Thomison didn’t even have to approach the truck completely to realize what Evie was looking at.

Evie was looking at a little cat! And, to Thomison’s surprise, she knew exactly who this cat was.

A couple of weeks earlier, Thomison noticed a little kitten following her cat, Noodle, everywhere he went – and they looked exactly the same!

However, since Noodle was a neutered male cat, Thomison wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence that they looked so similar or if they were actually related.

deaf dog looking at the truck
Source: TikTok

Nevertheless, Thomison decided to name the kitten Mini-Me, and in the same way he appeared on the Arizona farm, Mini-Me disappeared again until Evie discovered where he was hiding the whole time.

Hide And Seek

Since the truck was getting some work done, the entire motor was removed, meaning that there was more than enough room for a little kitten to get nice and comfortable.

kitten inside a truck
Source: TikTok

Of course, getting Mini-Me out of his new home was a bit difficult. He was very suspicious of Thomison and made it very clear to her that he had no plans of moving out any time soon.

“He was very spicy … Then he suddenly realized that we were there to help him and we weren’t going to hurt him, so he came out,” Thomison told The Dodo.

Mini-Me is a new resident of the farm who, according to Thomison, loves causing terror.

Luckily, the kitten loves hanging out with Thomison’s other three cats, and she likes to joke that Evie finding him in the truck is really the story of how she got another cat!

photo of three cats
Source: TikTok

But, even though it was Evie who found him, he still isn’t really fond of her.

“He swipes at Evie every chance he gets,” Thomison said.

Cat’s Will Be Cats

Mini-Me is now part of a loving family that makes sure he has everything he needs including his own corner in an air-conditioned barn.

However, since he is a cat, he doesn’t really like being told what he should do or where he should be.

“He prefers his truck. He’s kind of like Oscar the Grouch [with] his little trash can … he just loves being in there,” Thomison concluded.