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Introducing Dalmatians – you’re favorite spotted dog breed ever. Thanks to Disney and their feature film 101 Dalmatians, these pups are known and adored by the whole world. There’s a lot more to this breed, so if you’d like to know what hides behind those spots, stay with us. 

dalmatian dog in park at sunset

Dalmatian Lifespan: Exploring Dalmatian Life Expectancy

How long do Dalmatians live, and what health conditions do they suffer from that could shorten this?

cute dalmatian dog with black spots

The Dalmatian Colors: Do You Think You Know This Dog Breed?

What are some popular Dalmatian colors? Do these dogs only come in black and white, or can they be solid-colored? Let's find out!

dalmatian dog hiding underneath the fruit tree

Long-Haired Dalmatian – All The Breed Information You Need

Find all the breed information you need here in this handy guide, with grooming, care, and health advice.

dalmatian in nature

How Much Do Dalmatians Cost? Crunching Numbers Black On White

What's the initial price vs. the average cost for a month or a year? Let's crunch some numbers!

lemon dalmatian dog outdoor

Lemon Dalmatian – a Special Breed or a “Golden Edition”?

Find out everything about the Lemon Dalmatian – is it a special breed or does it just have a different color than the standard version with white fur and black spots.

dalmatian eating food from a bowl

12 Best Dog Food For Dalmatian: Pongo And Perdita’s Favorite Choices

The best food for these dogs is rich in protein from real meat sources. But, be careful. Here's something you should avoid.

two dalmatians dogs sitting on the grass

Dalmatian Growth Chart 101

Thinking about getting a Dalmatian but are not sure how big they get? You are in luck because this Dalmatian growth chart is just what you needed.

dalmatian eating food from a bowl

Dalmatian Feeding Chart For All Dog Enthusiasts

Dalmatian feeding chart is a great guide into the diet of these wonderful furry companions that are loved by so many families.

dalmatian on classic red fire truck

5 Fundamental Reasons Why Are Dalmatians Fire Dogs

Why are Dalmatians fire dogs? Seeing a mascot of Dalmatian as a fire worker is charming, but do you know the amazing story behind this?