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Dad Picks Up The Wrong Dog From A Groomer And Makes Everyone Laugh Hard

Dad Picks Up The Wrong Dog From A Groomer And Makes Everyone Laugh Hard

We all made that one mistake where we confused one person with another, even while looking at them directly in the face.

Those situations sure can be awkward. The only way to make those situations positive is by hoping that the other person has a good sense of humor and will help you just laugh it out.

Well, today’s story features a man who sure did mistake one dog for another, and his wife just couldn’t stop laughing.

Whose Dog Is That?

a smiling man holds a dog in his arms
Source: CoCo Salazar

Deciding to help out his wife after her 15-hour workday over Christmas, Rudy Salazar, living in San Jose, took on the task of taking their dog, BooBear, to the groomer.   

Everything was going well at first as Rudy successfully managed to drop off BooBear at the groomer; however, the problem arose when he came home after picking him up

Coming to his wife with their freshly groomed dog, Rudy was a bit confused as to why his wife was looking at him with sheer disbelief.

a man with a cap on his head holds a dog in his arms
Source: CoCo Salazar

However, he quickly realized that the dog who he had in his arms was not BooBear. He got the wrong dog!

“Rudy you just dognapped. Go get the right dog!” said Rudy’s wife, Coco, who just couldn’t stop laughing.

In his defense, Rudy was just a part of a big misunderstanding.

When he came to the groomer to pick up their dog, he said that he was helping out his wife, Coco, and the people at the groomer mistakenly gave him a dog who was also named Coco!

All’s Well That Ends Well 

Rudy rushed back to the groomer, giving back the little intruder and bringing home BooBear, who was probably confused as much as Coco, the dog, was.

Luckily, for us, Rudy’s wife, Coco, captured the whole thing, sharing it online and letting us in on the laugh.

The video quickly went viral, making people all around the world wonder how this small event in San Jose could even happen. 

messages about the downloaded dog
Source: CoCo Salazar

But, all’s well that ends well. The dogs have been safely returned to their rightful homes and everybody got a big laugh out of the whole situation. Thank you, Rudy!