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Dad Found The Ideal Dog For His Beloved Daughter Despite Her Specific Condition

Dad Found The Ideal Dog For His Beloved Daughter Despite Her Specific Condition

When “dog” is the first word you say in your life, then you know that the relationship between you and man’s best friend will be something special. It was a little girl named Violet, born into a family of dog lovers, who uttered that word for the first time in her life.

As a baby, she fell in love with Bailey, her grandparents’ dog. She was obsessed with him, followed him everywhere, and enjoyed playing with him, but she also wanted to hug him tightly. 

Unfortunately, this is where the first symptoms of her health condition appeared, preventing her from getting close to her beloved Bailey or most other dogs. It left poor Violet in constant longing for the canine love she couldn’t get.

But, her father, Matt, did not want to give up on fulfilling his daughter’s greatest wish. 

Mission (Im)Pawssible

dog with cute hair
Source: The Dodo

Sadly, Violet had such a fate that her heart was most bonded with dogs, while her body became allergic to them. It was a burden she had to carry ever since she was a baby. 

However, her father, Matt, was determined to help his daughter find her true canine love. He was aware of the fact that it would not be easy, but he also knew that there, indeed, was a solution to this problem.

“Luckily, some purebred dogs don’t tend to cause allergies, and she’s totally fine around them,” Matt told The Dodo

Since Matt and his family, including Violet, herself, were aware of the importance of rescues, they did not want to get a dog from a breeder, but decided to take the hard way. 

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Source: The Dodo

Matt immediately went into action and started calling all the rescue organizations in the country. Unfortunately, whenever he mentioned that he specifically needed a hypoallergenic dog, it would be a negative response. 

That was until he contacted the people at Cassie’s Place. They couldn’t guarantee him anything right away either, but they gave him hope

He waited patiently, and two weeks later, their representative, Michelle, gave him the best possible news: “I think I have some good news for y’all! I think that I found y’all a girl.”

Matt was so excited that he could not wait but immediately announced to Violet and her sister Maisie that a new family member was arriving soon

Source: The Dodo

It is hard to describe in words how happy they were, especially Violet, who was waiting for this moment for so long. 

A Dream Come True

guy holding a cute white puppy
Source: The Dodo

Soon after learning the happy news, Matt headed from his home in New York City to Texas to pick up their new dog. When he arrived there, he was welcomed by a cute little Maltese named Chloe

This tiny rescue dog was about two to three years old, and she was in a foster home before they found her a new forever family. It was love at first sight when Matt came to that place. Chloe immediately jumped into his arms and showered him with so many kisses. 

While they were driving toward home, she refused to leave his lap. They were bonding very quickly, but the best was yet to come as Violet and her sister were impatiently waiting for their happiest moment. 

When they finally arrived at their home in New York City, it was hard to say who was happier – Chloe or Violet and her sister. Nevertheless, after so many years of waiting, Violet’s heart must have been the most fulfilled because of this special occasion

From that day forward, Violet never let Chloe out of her arms no matter what she was doing at the time. The two woke up and went to bed together. 

All the love she couldn’t give to Bailey and all the other pups, Violet directed toward Chloe. That is why we can safely say that Chloe became the most loved dog in the world.