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Dachshund Puppy Hides His Snacks In The Most Obvious Place Ever

Dachshund Puppy Hides His Snacks In The Most Obvious Place Ever

Some dogs dig up the entire backyard. Others roam through the house to hide their treats. Some prefer their hideout to be under the sofa, and there’s Rocky…

Rocky isn’t particularly fond of food or treats. He’s a rather picky eater and not very food-motivated. 

When he doesn’t feel hungry but still gets a treat, Rocky hides it. But Rocky doesn’t like the usual hiding spots. His hideout is pretty unconventional and odd. 

Of all the hiding places in the house and all the dirt in the yard, Rocky chose the most obvious place to hide his bones despite the fact that it doesn’t hide bones well.

Where did Rocky hide his bone? Is it really THAT obvious?

The Worst Place For Hiding Treats, Ever

dachshund lying on couch
Source: Instagram

Rocky is a Dachshund puppy. If you know anything about dogs, then you know how strong the prey drive is with this dog breed. They were bred and used for hunting, and their survival instincts are dominant. 

Although it had been centuries since Dachshunds were first bred, that prey drive lives on, and Rocky is a fine example of the breed. 

The Florida-based mini Dachshund was a young pupper when Michelle Vachs and her fiance adopted him. They loved the idea of a dog, and they simply fell in love with Rocky, the sweetest Doxie pup. 

“We looked into all the dog breeds and decided we wanted a miniature dachshund. We searched on the internet for good breeders and found one in California. We fell in love with the picture of him right away,” said Michelle for Newsweek.

Michelle also adds that life with Rocky is great. He’s a typical puppy and loves playing dog games like fetch, digging holes, and cuddling. Rocky’s also a bit of a velcro pup and can’t stand being without his hoomans.

However, Rocky is also the world’s worst treat hider because he hides his treats in the most unusual spot: the blanket underneath him!

“Rocky is a really picky eater and he only eats when he is hungry. At first we had to get used to it but since we now know what he likes and the schedule when he is hungry, it’s not a problem anymore… He wanted to save it (bone) for later and protect it from us so we wouldn’t take it away,” finishes Michelle. 

And how do we know this? By watching a TikTok video Michelle posted featuring Rocky in his hiding-bones mania. 

Rocky thought saving his bone for later was a good idea, and the best hiding place was the blanket. No one will surely find it, not even by smelling it, Rocky.

Sometimes, the most obvious place is the place you search last. If Rocky’s mom, Michelle, was after the bone, the blanket would’ve been the last place to look. 

dog hiding treats under blanket
Source: TikTok

Next time, Rocky, just leave it on the bed. They’ll surely just walk by it, not even noticing it. 

Rocky enjoys bones, but I urge you to be careful with giving bones of any kind to your dog. For example, chicken bones are off-limits because they fracture badly and can hurt your dog on their way down. 

According to Advanced Care Animal Clinic, bones can be safe for dogs, but they’re not essential. Sure, they can provide some healthy minerals for your dog and stimulate saliva enzymes, but the consequences are much bigger.

Broken teeth, punctured gums, cuts, constipation, and even choking lurks by. I’m sure there are some much healthier and safer picks as treats. 

Turns out it’s a good thing that Rocky is a picky eater, always hiding his bony treats when he doesn’t feel hungry. 

Rocky, The Miniature Dachshund, Wins The Internet

dog by the pond
Source: Instagram

They promise us daily dose of cute & crazy Doxie content, and they sure deliver!

Rocky and his pawrents have an Instagram account too where you can get to know Rocky better. They post pawdorable videos and daily stories, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Thanks to social media, Michelle and Rocky can share their wisdom when it comes to travel. Did you know that Rocky is a world traveler? He’s been across the pond, back and forth, and he’s pretty used to traveling via airplane. 

This little Doxie is such a relaxed pup who enjoys everything his pawrents serve him.

Well, apparently everything but the bone that’s hidden in his favorite grey blanket.