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A Cyclist Was Just Minding His Business When He Discovered A Stray Puppy On The Trail

A Cyclist Was Just Minding His Business When He Discovered A Stray Puppy On The Trail

It was an ordinary day for this cyclist who was just enjoying his ride through the woods when he suddenly noticed a small puppy crossing his path.

He stopped his bike immediately and went to have a look at him. The pup was so small and didn’t even know where he was. He desperately needed help.

The man couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. He realized that helping him was the only option so he started thinking about a plan.

He Looked So Lost

puppy outdoor
Source: Youtube

The kind man estimated that the puppy couldn’t have been over a month old. He suspected that this poor baby got separated from its mother somehow or was dumped there.

Either way, he needed help. The man gave him what food he had with him because they were so far away from civilization, and shopping wasn’t an option.

He wrapped him in a small blanket, and the pup just fell asleep after his meal. Because the puppy was no bigger than a Coca-Cola bottle, he decided to name him Cola.

Now, all that he had to do was get him to a veterinarian clinic. He placed him in a small box that was on the front of his bike and he charted his destination.

The nearest clinic was 9 kilometers away, which was not super far considering that the rescuer was on a bike.

puppy being carresed
Source: Youtube

After arriving at the nearest pet hospital, he rushed the puppy inside and had the vets examine him. They found that he was mostly healthy but was slightly malnourished.

This became apparent because of his overwhelming appetite. After he was finally well-fed, the rescuer noticed that Cola was starting to become more lively.

He wanted to play all the time and started exploring all of his surroundings. When it came time to leave, he jumped into his new and comfy bag.

The man prepared all of the necessary provisions Cola would need on their journey, and then they departed together.

They Are Going On Many Adventures

tiny puppy in a bag
Source: Youtube

He took him to see the amazing wonders of the world and their adventure was truly an amazing one. They passed through so many wonderful cities.

Whenever they took a rest, his new dad put up a tent, and they would sleep in it. The puppy was always a bit mischievous and would wake him up early.

Cola would also take the opportunity to explore his surroundings, but not without his dad, who was always watching over him.

puppy playing with man
Source: Youtube

On one of their journeys, the man took the puppy to get a bath and have his nails trimmed. He was well-behaved the whole time.

After that, they continued their adventure. The two started doing pretty much everything together.

Cola’s dad bought him some amazing toys so he could play with them when they were camping. He loved it so much that it’s now hard to see him without his toys.

a cyclist driving a puppy
Source: Youtube

As they were having fun, time flew by and Cola grew so much in just a month. It was astonishing. 

He was a lot stronger and more independent now. It was already time for his vaccinations. The vets told the man that his dog was really calm and brave during the whole process.

After they were finished, the man and his furry companion departed yet again on an amazing new adventure. It’s so beautiful to see them together.