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Top 25 Cutest Dog Breeds That Ever Existed

Top 25 Cutest Dog Breeds That Ever Existed

You’re in the proper place if you want to have one of the cutest dog breeds or simply wish to glance through photos of the cutest dog breeds!  

Honestly, it wasn’t easy to make this list because I personally think that every dog breed is cute in its own way. However, some dog breeds are more preferable than others, according to research.

These cute puppies will end up making you fall in love with them whether you’re trying to adopt a little dog breed, a huge dog breed, or an attentive dog. For the sweetest dosage of adorableness, keep reading.

What Are The Cutest Dog Breeds?

After a long search of finding the cutest dog breeds, I have successfully made a list. All of these dogs are widely appreciated for their cute looks, and usually silly personalities.

If you ask me, I find Great Danes and Dobermans cute. But, the majority of people will find small dog breeds such as Chihuahuas, Maltese, and similar to be cuter.

I must stay objective and give you the list of cutest dog breeds according to the results taken from a majority of subjects. Let’s go and look at the cutest dog breeds!

1. Yorkshire Terrier

Little Yorkshire Terrier posing an grass

These adorable mini divas are now seen as snarky and spoiled, and thought of as a luxury breed, but they didn’t start out among the penthouse elite from their birth.

They were made and raised in 19th-century England to hunt rats and other smaller rodents. I know… it is totally odd to imagine these little diva dogs as being working dogs! 

But, after all, they are a terrier, and all terriers have originally been bred to hunt and kill prey. Yes, this miniature dog (that also has a toy version) was used for killing smaller animals.

They definitely won’t be chasing rodents much longer. In fact, they are so evolved that they are probably scared of them by now. But, they enjoy playing, giving and receiving attention, and sitting beautifully on your lap. 

2. Dachshunds

cute Dachshund puppy

If you’ve got a Dachshund residing in your house, you do not require a security camera on your door. 

This breed will continuously bark to alert you of any animal or human being that approaches your door or walks across the street, but really… don’t worry — they normally don’t do anything additional than bark at a stranger.

They are not aggressive; however, they are among the most stubborn dog breeds, and those considered hard to housebreak.

They enjoy playing fetch indoors, but they still require the sensory stimulation provided by the smells and noises of the outside world. 

3. Corgi

cute corgi sitting on the grass

The famous Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and the Cardigan Corgi are two varieties of Corgis that you might be knowledgeable of. The Pembroke Corgi is a significantly more recent breed, with a docked tail.

Also, the respected, late Queen Elizabeth II picked this species to be the breed of her pets up until the moment when Willow passed away.

In addition to being wise, content, and affectionate, the Pembroke also has a touch of individuality and selfishness. The actual purpose of the respected late Queen Elizabeth II liking Corgis is them having a bit of a spoiled, childish personality. 

In addition, you will be simply in a situation where you cannot get enough of these adorable puppies because they are unbelievably cute and good with children!

4. Miniature Schnauzer

white Miniature Schnauzer

The Schnauzer’s distinctive characteristics are undeniable, whether the dog is a 20-pound toy version or an 85-pound beast.

Quite often, the beard, mustache, and bushy eyebrows produce an arrogant and snobbish impression.

A garden squirrel may instantly attract their attention because they were designed to hunt pests; however, they will handle it, and return to their other duty as the family’s lead watchdog.

These are the canine breeds which happen to be the most frequently stolen because they are often on the pricier side.

5. Pomeranian

Pomeranian seta on the street

Poms are renowned for believing they could challenge large dogs with their furious bark. Perhaps it is the plush puff of hair around their neck and chest that provides them the boldness of a lion, and the confidence as if they are the largest dog breed.

The enormous ego of these short-legged canines extend to humans, and they like being the focus of attention. They are frequently quite playful and enjoy being the star of the show, which comes naturally to a breed that is intelligent, inquisitive, and feisty.

In the last 20-ish years, Pomeranians have swapped places with Chihuahuas for being the sign of a wealthy individual (imagine the 2000’s pop stars carrying their small dogs in purses).

Nowadays, there are many Pomeranian breeders, including teacup Pomeranian breeders! 

6. Maltese

cute Maltese sitting on the grass

The Maltese have a long, smooth, white coat that is usually styled in a sweet topknot at the crown of their head, giving them the appearance of a fashionista.

Pet owners may choose a “puppy” trim, which is shorter and requires less brushing when they are not in performance form. Because they lack an undercoat, they don’t shed, making them a cuddly friend for people who have allergy problems.

Maltese dogs make excellent companion animals because of their captivating, entertaining, and vivacious personalities for which they were bred. They adore cuddling, relaxing in your bed, and loving their family.


Chihuahua sitting on the floor

The Chihuahua is a small dog with a massive terrier-like attitude that is constantly vying for your affection. It adores being close to you, curled up on the couch with a mound of cozy blankets, and it demands affection and attention.

You’ll be aware if something disturbs them during their quiet time. In fact, it will be obvious to anyone nearby because these little puppies make excellent watchdogs and alert dogs.

Large dogs that are the “intruder” will not back down, so you’ll need to keep an eye on them in order to make sure neither dog is injured.

Chihuahuas are mean dogs (from my personal experience) to everyone except their owner, but occasionally, they are mean to their owner, too.

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel runs across the field

One of the nicest dog breeds personality wise, is undoubtedly the charming tiny breed known as the “comforter spaniel,” which has a heart made out of gold. They develop feelings for you just as quickly as you do for them.

Their big, teary eyes are actually a doorway into their delicate, compassionate nature. However, this doesn’t imply they’re all depressed and spend the day curled up on your lap. 

They are lively, adventurous, and extremely simple to handle, but they don’t have the longest lifespan.

The Cavalier King Spaniel is a devoted companion to people, but also to its feline household members. As such, they can thrive in a home with two pets or owners who stay at home.

9. Havanese

Havanese lies on the grass

A Havanese would never leave your company, and therefore, will ensure that you never experience loneliness again. 

Considering how well they behave when they travel, you don’t even need to consider leaving them home when you go for a vacation, or leave them home when you go to run some errands.

They were developed in Cuba as hypoallergenic companion animals, except when you step outside… in which case, you are left alone.

They don’t enjoy being outside other than to relieve themselves. In fact, you’ll need to take them with you if it’s cold or rainy in order to get them outdoors to use the restroom.

10. English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel standing in a field

Spaniel canines are believed to have their origin in Spain numerous centuries ago. Visitors and traders who used commercial ships likely brought these dogs to England.

There are two types of this dog breed, equally beautiful. The performance type (or show type) is bred for conformation contests, whereas the field type is developed for hunting and field trial duties. 

The field type requires more exercise because it is more energetic. Plan on taking regular baths because mud and water are quite alluring.

11. Basset Hound

Basset Hound running down the street

The large ears and melancholy gaze of the Basset Hound strike at our emotional side.

No matter if it is a male or a female, the Basset’s famous bark and howl can be recognized miles away. However, puppies generally don’t howl like that except when they’re bored

You shouldn’t be concerned about it trying to run away like many other hounds would, and even if it does, you can certainly get it due to its slow-running, small legs.

Although it’s a peaceful and lovely family dog, single-story homes work best for them because they struggle to climb stairs.

12. Border Collie

A border collie lies on the grass with his tongue out

Playing “suppose who is quicker” with a dog such as a Border Collie is, and would never be a good idea. You will consistently lose. A sheep that has wandered off the flock will be coaxed back by the animal’s hypnotic eyes and fast reactions. 

Border Collies are fiercely loyal and extremely devoted to their family, although they might be cautious around strangers. 

Since herding is in their genes, they may try to herd little toddlers and nibble at their ankles or bottoms. Despite being watchful and often barking, they make wonderful watchdogs.

13. West Highland Terrier

West Highland Terrier in a field

For years, Cesar pet food boxes as well as cans have featured the adorable face of the West Highland White Terrier. If the dog food manufacturer held tryouts, they must have shut the doors once the West Highland White Terrier charmed them with her sweet smile.

Although Westies seem quite cuddly, they won’t spend much time on your lap.

The Westie, arguably one of the cutest dog breeds, seems to have a lot of energy, and enjoys running after and pouncing on small fuzzy animals. Because it is a terrier, it will not allow anything to escape.

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14. Maltipoo

a cute Maltipoo is standing on a wooden stand

The Maltipoo is one of the more recent dog breeds, known for its designer-dog characteristics. Designer dogs were purposely-bred dogs by mixing two or more dog breeds together.

In this case, the Maltipoo is a mix of the famous white-coated Maltese and the Poodle. They are famous for their hypoallergenic coat and their affectionate personalities.

They aren’t becoming more famous by day without a reason!

15. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu runs across the field

These dogs really adore running as well as running away, always seeking a location to express their outspoken and lively personality. 

They’re not the most convenient to raise, and can be a little bit stubborn (not aggressive!), but they are certainly lively and hilarious.

Shibas are unquestionably among the loveliest dog breeds you are likely to encounter. Their squinty eyes, soft, fox-like face, and cool tail that wraps over their back are all irresistible.

16. Akita

Akita dog standing on snow

The hilly and chilly Akita region, which is located in the far north of Japan’s island of Honshu, is where the Akita first appeared.

Akita statues are gifted to sick people as a sign of full recovery as well as to sick people as a symbol of good health in Japan because they are revered and considered lucky charms.

No matter if it is a male or a female, the Akita is a robust, bulky dog that weighs between 90 and 110 pounds, and stands between 24 and 28 inches tall.

Some Akitas adapt well to family life, but others need monitoring around kids, particularly when they’re eating because they’re “food aggressive.” Among all dog breeds, the Akita is probably the most expensive.

17. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frize lies with its tongue out

A popular breed at dog exhibitions time and time again is the Bichon. With their posh walk and silky fur that you would really like to bury your face in, they attract a lot of attention and turn heads.

They act out loud in a household or in a group, and are constantly alert to what is happening outside your home. All that expensive beauty must be countered by a few tiny defects.

If it starts to bark whenever something moves, its awareness might be too much to handle. Since the Bichon breed is difficult to potty train, success depends heavily on persistence and crate training.

18. Chow Chow

sweet Chow Chow

You would melt just looking at the folds of fur as well as the purple tongue. Chows are small, but strong dogs. Their dark eyes, blue or black tongue, and head ruffle resembling a lion’s mane are their most distinctive features.

They can have a coat that is beige, black, red, blue, or chestnut in color. Chow Chows have a reputation for being among the cleanest canines.

19. Golden Retriever

a smiling Golden Retriever

Goldens are one of the most popular breeds worldwide, and definitely among the cutest dog breeds. They have a wonderful, friendly appeal to them, which makes many people have the desire to have them as their ideal companions.

They have one of the softest personalities in the dog kingdom, and are truly sensitive dogs that feel each and every emotion of yours.

20. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever in field with tongue out

Due to its extreme friendliness, laid-back nature, and suitability as a family pet, the Labrador Retriever has dominated the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) list of the most desirable dog breeds for the previous five years.

Unquestionably among the cutest dog breeds, with a few colors available, the pups grow quickly, mature at approximately six months, and require an exercise regime to be content and fit.

21. French Bulldog

French Bulldog puppy standing on the sand

It’s hardly surprising that Frenchies may be seen on practically every block in cities. The most adorable housemates you could possibly have are these lazy, big-eared puppies.

Their favorite activity is being couch potatoes, enjoying treats, and watching TV shows with you while snuggling.

If you are not the most active person in the world, a French Bulldog puppy would be a great option for you.

22. German Shorthaired Pointer

playful German Shorthaired Pointer

These puppies love chasing down furry or feathered prey due to the hunting background of the German dog breed. You can tell when they see something in their line of sight, like a bunny, since they will point with their body and tail, and elevate one foot above the ground.

It has been observed that even pups that have never chased down a single thing do this.

This high-energy dog won’t be content with short walks, so if hunts aren’t your thing, be ready to make this youngster your new jogging or trekking companion.

23. Pug

Pug with tongue out

A pug’s appearance has the potential to liven up a drab party more than anything else. Although the Pug is generally quiet, attentive, and friendly… when needed, it understands how to pull out your energetic, joyous side. 

They have a lively nature, and will keep you amused with their childish behavior. They can be resilient and obstinate, but they are rarely confrontational. Due to their durability and ability to quickly depart if necessary, they are excellent for families with small children.

24. Pitbull

playful Pitbull

Don’t be misled by misconceptions; Amstaffs are simply one of the breeds that are commonly referred to as Pitbulls. These intelligent and friendly puppies adore spending time with their family.

Their seal-like face, when they are listening to their favorite words, will melt the coldest heart. They are one of the most friendly and cutest dog breeds.

25. Beagle

A beagle stands in a field during sunset

The Beagle maintains its lovely puppy face throughout the majority of its time on earth. Those white hairs ultimately start to show around its face — making it perhaps a member of the cutest dog breed club. 

These puppies have a strong sense of smell, which drives their desire to pursue any smell that piques their interest, as well as a curiosity that never goes away. 

They thrive in a household that enjoys an active, outdoor lifestyle because roaming and discovery are in their genes.

Final Word

Although beauty is subjective, you could admit that these are among the cutest dog breeds out there. All dogs are cute, which is to say that dogs are adorable, but if you’re searching for a beautiful pooch to have as a companion, look no further. 

Everyone can find a look they enjoy, whether they prefer huge, shaggy dogs, dogs with a wrinkly face, or little puppies with happy expressions. 

The breeds range from fluffy to short hair, different colors, and different personalities.
For any of these that you decide upon picking for yourself, I am completely sure that you will be completely satisfied with your choice.