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25 Cute White German Shepherd Puppy Pictures You Have To See

25 Cute White German Shepherd Puppy Pictures You Have To See

Who doesn’t like cute puppy pictures? Even better… who doesn’t like cute German Shepherd puppy pictures? Wait, it gets better… Who doesn’t like cute white German Shepherd puppy pictures?

Cute black-button nose, two dark, beaming eyes on snow-white fur? It sounds like a fairytale. 

There is even a health benefit from watching cute puppy pictures. According to prof. Dr. Jessika Golle, from the University of Tuebingen, and her research (1), we get the same boost of happiness when looking at puppy pictures as we would when we look at baby pictures.

So, let’s produce some happy hormones!

1. The Most Handsome Boy

cute white german shepherd puppy
Photo from: Pinterest

Right off the start, let’s marvel at this dog’s beauty, which is obvious even when it is just a puppy. And, when you add an amazing collar, it gets even better.

I already feel better, and it’s just the first picture…

2. Family Portrait

white german shepherd family
Photo from: Pinterest

They say intelligence is inherited from your mom, but I think beauty is, too. Look at that gorgeous-looking GSD, proud of her white pups!

3. Ready For The Trip!

white german shepherd puppy in a car
Photo from: Pinterest

I’ve got my favorite toy, I’ve got my tongue out… I am ready! Let’s hit the road. The sooner we arrive at the doggy park, the sooner I get to show you all my tricks!

4. Feeding Time

white german shepherd puppies chewing on a toy
Photo from: Youtube

“There is nothing better than a nice juicy steak to chew on a nice Sunday afternoon with your brothers and sisters.” – white German Shepherd puppy

5. Muddy Paws

white german shepherd puppy sitting in mud
Photo from: Pinterest

I don’t always sit in the mud, but when I do, I look too darn cute! Oh, and don’t worry. A nice bath after the walk will make the fur shiny again!

6. Head Tilt!

white german shepherd puppy head tilt
Photo from: Pinterest

Even German Shepherd puppies do the head tilt. Who can resist such a cute face?!

7. I’m Listening

adorable white german shepherd puppy
Photo from: Pinterest

Yes, he sure does look like he’s all ears, but is he really listening to you or just waiting for you to throw the ball? My bet is on the ball…

8. Doggo On The Bench

white german puppy on a bench
Photo from: Pinterest

Not just any doggo, it’s the white GSD, the good boy… the ultimate guard! I’ll risk it all and try to sit next to him on this bench. 

9. Play Time

white german puppy playing
Photo from: Pinterest

Would you look at that? Sitting and playing tug-of-war. Ladies and gentlemen, we might have a case of too-cute-to-move kind of laziness.

10. Toe Beans!

cute white german shepherd puppy stretching
Photo from: Pinterest

For all toe bean lovers, here’s the perfect picture of small GSD paws with adorable toe beans. And, don’t forget what they say: One must not kiss one toe bean and leave the rest, but kiss them all, and kiss them often.

11. First Command Learned

white german shepherd puppy in nature
Photo from: Pinterest

German Shepherds are well-known for their intelligence, and we have proof right here. This young white GSD just learned his “sit” and “stay” command.

Good boy!

12. Just A Cloud

cute white german shepherd puppy sticking tongue out
Photo from: Pinterest

If you’ve ever wondered what a cloud looks like up close, here is the picture you’ve been searching for. It looks like a white GSD puppy!

13. Training In Progress

small white german shepherd puppy
Photo from: Pinterest

Did you know that German Shepherds excel in agility competitions? Now, you know why… They start practicing their jumps very early.

14. Boop!

white german shepherd puppy photo
Photo from: Pinterest

Just boop the nose for good luck! Boop it three times for a GSD to appear. Didn’t work? Try it again! 

15. All I Heard…

white german shepherd puppy with one ear sticking up
Photo from: Pinterest

Lady, all I heard was no treats today. You have my one ear listening until I see some delicious doggy treats… that’s all you get.

16. Don’t Wake Up The Dog

sleepy white german shepherd puppy
Photo from: Pinterest

How dare you wake me up when I was this close to catching that squirrel? No, seriously… don’t wake up your doggo unless it’s for some extra hugs and kisses!

17. Beach Fun

white german shepherd puppy at the beach
Photo from: Pinterest

I swear the bird was this big, and it went that way! 

18. It Was Windy That Day

cute white german shepherd puppy after a windy day
Photo from: Pinterest

How can you tell it was windy that day? Look at a puppy German Shepherd’s ears.

19. True Cuteness

cute fluffy white german shepherd puppy
Photo from: Pinterest

This picture is a true example of absolute cuteness! 

20. Serious Doggo

serious white german shepherd puppy
Photo from: Pinterest

This looks like a true guard dog on duty. He has his toys, and he’s not letting anyone take them away.

21. Dobby?

white german shepherd puppy with big ears
Photo from: Pinterest

No, don’t call me Dobby. I’ll grow into them…

22. Good Morning!

small sleepy white german shepherd puppy
Photo from: Pinterest

Here’s a morning ray of sunshine for all of you to start your day the right way.

23. Five More Minutes

white german shepherd sleeping on ground
Photo from: Pinterest

And, for all of you sleepyheads, here’s one more picture before you get up.

24. You’re Safe

two white german shepherd puppies
Photo from: Pinterest

Floppy ears or pointy ears, they will guard your home just the same. You are safe!

25. One For The Instagram

silly white german shepherd puppy
Photo from: Pinterest

And, the last one is for an Instagram story with the hashtag ‘happiness’ for being a white German Shepherd parent!

Final Frame

No matter if you have a white GSD or any other coat color, we know your dogs are just as adorable as the white ones. But, this was an ode to white GSDs so that everyone can see how cute they are.

Take your time to go through these photos, and I am sure you will be reading these last few sentences with a smile on your face.

It’s all because of the magical, fairytale-like white German Shepherd and its adorable face!

Enjoy, and have a pawsome day!

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1. Jessika Golle, Stephanie Lisibach, Fred W Mast, Janek S Lobmaier (2013). Sweet puppies and cute babies: perceptual adaptation to babyfacedness transfers across species