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Say Hello To 13 Cutest Sable German Shepherds In The World

Say Hello To 13 Cutest Sable German Shepherds In The World

There’s cute, and there’s cute like a sable German Shepherd!

Of all the many GSD colors, sable is, by far, the most unique one. If we can be biased, it’s also the prettiest one! 

Each sable pup is so distinctive. You won’t find any twins here!

What you will find are 13 sable GSDs lucky to have this coat color.

1. Say “Cheese”!

sable german shepherd looking into camera
Photo from: @german.shepherdd

The million-dollar smile! Nothing can ruin the beauty of this sable GSD… not even the black spots on his tongue. In fact, they make his smile even more appealing.

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2. Nature Works In Stunning Ways

sable german shepherd standing on the snow in nature
Photo from: @suzieq_gsd

Did you know that the sable coat is quite rare with German Shepherds? Their uniqueness is one of the reasons why these dogs are pretty expensive, not to mention hard to find.

3. Sable GSDs Aren’t Just Cute…

beautiful sable german shepherd in the park
Photo from: @thegsd.atlas

… they’re mesmerizing! There are no two identical sable German Shepherds. Each is an individual with different color streaks.

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4. The Derpiness Never Stops

sable german shepherd dog outdoors
Photo from: @the.german.trio

German Shepherds can be quite the jokesters. Don’t you just love the derpy look on this guy’s face? What’s he hiding inside his mouth? A treato?

5. Boop The Nose

close up view of sable german shepherd dog showing his nose
Photo from: @bunnysquindogsd

Go on… boop it! I know you want it. This sable boi has the most boopable nose of them all.

Here’s some more nose booping that will make your heart melt.

6. A Tasty Treat

sable german shepherd dog eating watermelon from owner's hand
Photo from: @bunnysquindogsd

Dogs can, and should, eat watermelon. The AKC explains it all here. This pretty doggo is enjoying a refreshing treat. The happiness is written all over his face.

7. Out In The Wild

sable german shepherd dog walking on the snow in forest
Photo from: @frostborngermanshepherds

German Shepherds have a strong prey drive. But, the only thing this sweet soul will catch is your attention. 

8. The Staring Contest

sable german shepherd dog looking into camera while lying on the carpet
Photo from: @novaboatman22

You’ll never win a staring contest against a GSD. These dogs stare at you all the time because they pawdore you!

9. Baby, It’s Cold Outside

sable german shepherd puppy in the snow
Photo from: @white_hesta

Well, it ain’t cold for German Shepherds. The sable coat affects just the color. These GSDs are like all the other specimens of the breed… thick-coated and ready to face the winter.

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10. Friends For Life

a kitten and sable german shepherd on the couch
Photo from: @kalikitty22

This sable girl and the Maine Coon kitten are proof that not all cats and dogs fight. They may be sisters from another mistress, but they love each other deeply.

11. Desperate For A Haircut

fluffy sable german shepherd in the park
Photo from: @germanshepherdclub746

I have a joke for you.

How many times do German Shepherds shed a year?

Two times a year! From January to June, and from July to December.

Get it? Good, then you can read more on their shedding here.

Now, get me a brush to tidy up this boi!

12. Why The Long Face?

sable german shepherd lying on the couch and looking into camera
Photo from: @rudythegermanshep

Oh, the poor boy is sad because he can’t go outside? Don’t you worry, buddy – there are lots of fun jobs a GSD can do at home!

13. Puppy Fashionista

adorable sable german shepherd puppy sitting on the carpet
Photo from: @tinthegoodboy

Can we all agree that German Shepherds are, by far, the most photogenic dogs? Here is a dashing young sable pup to support the claim!