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41 German Shepherd Baby Pics That Will Melt Your Heart

41 German Shepherd Baby Pics That Will Melt Your Heart

German Sheppies might look like tough and serious K9 officers, but the reality is that the majority of them are goofy, cuddly, and funny from their early puppyhood.

I warn you – the pictures that you’ll see throughout this article are so cute that you might end up getting (another) GSD puppy.

#1 Double Cuddle, Double Trouble

Don’t let these puppy eyes fool you… they can still make a mess in a matter of seconds.

two german shepherd puppies
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#2 I’ll Just Take A Nap With My Snuggle Buddy

German Shepherd babies love their toys, just like this furry buddy.

cute german shepherd puppy laying
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#3 What Do You Mean “No More Treats?”

Hooman, do not joke like this!

cute german shepherd puppy sitting
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#4 Furry Baby

If you have ever owned a GSD, you probably already know that they can sometimes act like real babies.

german shepherd puppy with toys
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#5 Catch Me If You Can

This doggo might not be the fastest pup, but he surely is one of the cutest puppy runners.

adorable german shepherd puppy running
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#6 Can I Go Outside, Pweeease?

I dare you to resist this pup.

german shepherd puppy laying on the floor
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#7 I Won’t Do It Again, Mom

Who could possibly stay mad at such a cute doggo?

german shepherd puppy hiding
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#8 This Pup Is Off To Dreamland

German Sheppie doggies are even cuter when they’re asleep.

german shepherd puppy sleeping with tongue out and with toy
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#9 Hello, It’s Me… Your Furry Baby

Hooman, I am here and I demand pets and cuddles.

german shepherd puppy standinf with front paws on the couch
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#10 Let It Snow…

german shepherd puppy with white dust
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#11 Let It Snow…

german shepherd puppy in the snow
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#12 Let It Snow!

german shepherd puppy playing in the snow
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#13 I’m A Good Boy

Now, throw it again, mom!

black german shepherd puppy holding a stick
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#14 Super Doggomodel

Golden hour and an adorable GSD puppy, what else could you possibly wish for?

cute black german shepherd
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#15 I Really Wanted That Toy

Who dared to make this lovely pooch sad?

german shepherd puppy laying in his bed
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#16 Fluffy Ball Of Love

If this GSD doggo didn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will.

fluffy german shepherd puppy
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#17 Where Are My Sunglasses, Hooman?

This puppy seems to love the sun, but that still doesn’t change the fact that he can’t keep his eyes open.

german shepherd puppy in a sunlight in the car
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# 18 Who Needs Weapons If You Have A GSD?

Don’t worry, partner… these paws got your back.

police officer with little german shepherd puppy
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#19 It’s Vacay Time

He’s cool and he knows it.

funny german shepherd puppy in a pool
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#20 What’s Better Than A GSD Pup? A Bunch Of Them

This picture can make anyone’s day.

a bunch of german shepherd puppies
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#21 Blue-Eyed Adorableness

What a cutie pie!

sweet german shepherd puppy with blue eyes
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#22 Sheppie And His Stuffy Buddy

Where I go, my toy buddy goes, too.

cute puppy playing
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#23 Don’t Mess With A GSD

Just a cute furry police officer reporting for duty.

funny german shepherd dressed as police officer
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#24 Can Someone Please Get Me Out Of Here?

This adorable pooch doesn’t seem so amused by his furry pals, which is probably one of the reasons why he wants to get out.

puppy standing on the fence
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#25 Batdog On Duty

Who needs a superhero when you have a superdog?

german shepherd dressed as batman
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#26 It Wasn’t Me…

But, I won’t do it again.

puppy playing with shoe
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#27 Can I Get A Pet?

I’m waiting, hooman.

cute puppy looking up
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#28 This GSD Pup Is Not Amused

I don’t remember agreeing to rain walks, mom.

adorable puppy wearing raincoat
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#29 Pleased To Meet You

I bet the owner is proud of this pooch with manners.

german shepherd puppy giving his paw
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#30 Whatcha Doin’? Chilling And Chewin’

Although this GSD puppy looks rather like he has done something wrong.

german shpehrd puppy chewing a toy
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#31 Sweetest Halloween Pumpkin You’ll Ever See

This German Sheppie might not scare you in his Halloween costume, but he can steal your heart in a matter of seconds.

puppy with pumpkins
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#32 Rare Beauty

All German Sheppie pups are super cute, but the white ones are truly special.

white german shepherd with toy
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#33 Chase, Is That You?

Paw patrol is ready to roll!

german shepherd police officer dog
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#34 When Your Doggo Judges You

I don’t want to hear any excuses, hooman.

man holding white german shepherd puppy
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#35 Cheese!

This pooch has put on his best smile for the picture.

german shepherd smiling
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#36 Is It The Sky Or The German Sheppie’s Eyes?

The main eye color of GSDs is usually brown, which is why it’s fascinating to see a doggie with such beautiful blue eyes.

What an adorable poochie you are!

adorable puppy on the grass
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#37 Are There Any Problems, Hooman?

Yes, I have a plush toy cat – and no, you can’t take her away from me.

puppy with toy
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#38 He’s Cool And He knows It

Although this puppy is still young, it has already mastered the art of melting people’s hearts with its adorableness.

puppy with tongue out
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#39 The More, The Merrier

I bet the first thing that came to your mind is: “Can I have them all?” I feel the same.

german shepherd puppies
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#40 I’ll Be There For You

German Shepherds are good with cats, and these two furry friends are one of the best examples of this statement.

german shepherd puppy playing with cat
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#41 Pups ‘N Babies

Puppies and babies are the perfect recipe for a big smile on almost everyone’s face.

cute baby with german shepherd puppies
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